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Music (2021) ((EXCLUSIVE))

The impact was felt right across the industry as studios and venues were forced to close, and musicians and crew were unable to work. In a sector where three-quarters are self-employed, many were not covered by Government support schemes.

Music (2021)

There's nothing fun about panning a feature by a first-time director, especially when it seems to come from a place of good intentions, but "Music," a musical fantasy drama about an autistic teen, is bad. Mystifyingly bad. Verging on "What were they thinking?" bad.

Maddie Ziegler, a neurotypical performer, stars as Music, an autistic orphan whose mother is a junkie and whose grandmother recently died. Ziegler spends the majority of the film's running time with a beatific grin on her face, bobbing to music on her headphones, and hallucinating fantasy dance numbers that, unsurprisingly, look like a Sia video (warehouse/soundstage; theatrical lighting effects, including silhouettes; choppy cutting; minimal sets and decorations and school play-looking costumes; flatly painted but brightly colored backdrops, and so on).

Questions. So many questions. Starting with: is Music a big Sia fan? Is that why her fantasies look and sound like Sia videos? Is she secretly a choreographer and songwriter who models herself on Sia? Are her fully realized musical fantasies the product of genius-level observation and emulation by a gifted amateur, like the scene in "Rain Man" when Dustin Hoffman's character goes to Vegas for the first time and cleans out the casino?

Music, as presented in the movie bearing her name, is not a teenager, a person. She's a problem, a burden, an issue. She's defined in relation to other characters' responsibility to care for or "deal with her," and the film's musical fantasies don't illuminate her interior in any meaningful way. There's a deep disconnect between the film's two modes: the funky downtown indie about gritty "real" things, and the music fantasy numbers. Were they going for a "Pennies from Heaven" feeling? If so, it didn't come through. The fantasy numbers are so numerous and dramatically undistinguished that they don't seem like Music's escape from reality, but the movie's escape from having to deal with Music.

We are committed to collaborating with and raising up the voices of all artists and will continue to do so in 2022 and for years to come. Thank you for watching and listening to music with us on YouTube this year.

why is her name Music and why is her name Zu. absolutely no reason for this. Maddie Ziegler was really going for the camp of it all here. so balls to the wall, I hated it. what I wonder as I watch this movie is... how? was no one on set like, "hey the contents of this movie might not fare so well in the realm of positive publicity"? I mean, the fucking braided wig on music,.. did NO ONE think that twitter would hate that as much as they hate everything else about this?

James Tsaggaris started piano lessons when he was 5.5 years old. He passed the California Certificate of Merit level 9 exam at 13 years of age and is currently working towards the advanced level certificate. In 2021, he competed in person at the United States Open Music Competition in Oakland, California winning First Place in the Treasury of U.S.A. Composers and Second Place in the Showcase Piano Solo against older kids. He also won First Place in the 2021 U.S. International Open Music Competition, as well as First Place in the 2021 American Fine Arts Festival Golden Era of Romantic Music International Competition. In 2020, he won First Place in the American Protégé International Competition of Romantic Music and American Fine Arts Festival Golden Era of Romantic Music International Competition. Besides music, James also loves inventing things. His design of a mechanism to automatically flip music sheets won First Prize at the 2020 Synopsis Science Fair.

Olivia Yu, from Lincoln Nebraska, is currently a 1st grader at the Maxey Elementary School. She started to learn piano at five years old with Dr. Feifei Jiang and Dr. Hua Jiang at the JF International Music Academy in Lincoln. Olivia practices piano joyfully and persistently. She was awarded the first place of the U.S. division of the 2021 Conero International Piano Competition and a scholarship to participate in the Young Musician Program of the 2021 Conero International Piano Festival. She was also a prize winner of the American Protégé International Piano and Strings Competition in 2021 and the International Piano Competition Online in 2021. Olivia enjoys performing in public and performed in several concerts at the Conero International Piano Festival in Kansas City in 2021 as well as many local music events. She also loves reading and drawing.

The Music Consumer Profile serves as a resource for data about music consumers. These profiles provide data on a wide variety of music fans, including their ages, backgrounds, preferred listening methods and favorite music genres.

The Music Consumer Profile serves as a resource for data about music consumers. These profiles provide data on a wide variety of music fans, including their ages, backgrounds, preferred listening method and favorite music genres.

Kazu "Zu" Gamble (Hudson) is a recently sober drug dealer who is long since estranged from her family. That suddenly changes when her grandmother dies and she becomes the new guardian of her teenage non-verbal autistic half-sister, Music (Ziegler). Despite still struggling to get her own life together, Zu tries to provide for her sister and gets help from their neighbor, Ebo Odom (Odom). The plot is interspersed with musical Imagine Spots featuring songs by Sia, showing how Music perceives the world.

You might need to play more music. Look for a progress bar on the Replay site to see how much music you need to listen to. As soon as you've played enough music, you'll get a notification that your Replay is ready.

4. Best New ArtistThis category recognizes an artist whose eligibility-year release(s) achieved a breakthrough into the public consciousness and notably impacted the musical landscape.

35. Best Latin Jazz AlbumFor vocal or instrumental albums containing at least 51% playing time of newly recorded material. The intent of this category is to recognize recordings that represent the blending of jazz with Latin, Iberian-American, Brazilian, and Argentinian tango music.

37. Best Contemporary Christian Music Performance/SongThis award is given to the artist(s) and songwriter(s) (for new compositions) for the best contemporary Christian music single or track, (including pop, rap/hip-hop, Latin, or rock.

Ahead of the 2023 GRAMMYs, the Recording Academy Entertainment Law Initiative will welcome Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass as the keynote speaker for its annual GRAMMY Week Event. Mayor Bass will join leaders in the legal and creative communities at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel on Fri, Feb. 3, as they celebrate the work of their peers and the year-round efforts of the Entertainment Law Initiative, which aims to encourage discussion and debate around the impact of legal affairs on the music industry.

"We are honored to welcome Mayor Karen Bass to the ELI GRAMMY Week Event as we gather and celebrate with the trailblazing professionals and students who are paving the way forward in the entertainment law industry," Recording Academy CEO Harvey Mason jr. said. "Mayor Bass has been a longtime supporter of music creators' rights in her legislative roles, and she has a unique understanding of how the creative industries intersect with law and policy that we look forward to hearing at this year's event."

"I'm proud to support GRAMMY Week because of the role that our entertainment industry plays in powering our local economy and to encourage efforts to increase equity and opportunities for Angelenos to break into the music business," Mayor Bass said.

The event will also honor the winner and runners-up of the Entertainment Law Initiative Writing Contest, co-sponsored by the American Bar Association (ABA). The contest challenges students in Juris Doctorate and Master of Laws programs at U.S. law schools to research a pressing legal issue facing the modern music industry and outline a proposed solution in a 3,000-word essay. The winner of this year's Writing Contest is Aron Lichtschein, a JD student at NYU School of Law, for his essay, "Tickets to Ride: NFTs and the Future of Concert Ticketing." Lichtschein will receive a $10,000 scholarship as well as tickets to the 2023 GRAMMY Awards and other GRAMMY Week events. As well, his essay will be published in the ABA's journal Entertainment & Sports Lawyer. Runners-up Gina Maeng and Amanda Sharp, students at Georgetown Law School and University of San Diego School of Law, respectively, will each receive $2,500 scholarships for their essays.

The Recording Academy announced last month that Peter T. Paterno, Partner at King, Holmes, Paterno & Soriano, LLP, will receive the 2023 Entertainment Law Initiative Service Award at the ELI GRAMMY Week Event; the award is presented each year to an attorney who has demonstrated a commitment to advancing and supporting the music community through service.

A total of 10 music teachers have been announced as finalists for the 2023 Music Educator Award, presented by the Recording Academy and GRAMMY Museum. The finalists, who come from 10 cities across eight states, were selected from more than 1,205 initial nominations, which were submitted from 47 states. Semifinalists were announced in October and quarterfinalists were announced in June.

The annual Music Educator Award recognizes current educators who have made a significant and lasting contribution to the music education field and demonstrate a commitment to the broader cause of maintaining music education in the schools. The recipient will be recognized during GRAMMY Week 2023, which takes place ahead of the 2023 GRAMMYs, officially known as the 65th GRAMMY Awards. 041b061a72


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