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Scanner And Camera Wizard Windows 7

WIA 1.0 was introduced in Windows Me and Windows XP and supports scanners, digital cameras and digital video equipment. WIA 2.0 was released with Windows Vista. WIA 2.0 is targeted towards scanners but continues to offer support for legacy WIA 1.0 applications and devices through a WIA 1.0 to WIA 2.0 compatibility layer provided by the WIA service. However, video content support was removed from WIA for Windows Vista. We recommend Windows Portable Devices (WPD) API for digital cameras and digital video equipment in the future. WIA 1.0 as well as STI TWAIN drivers are still supported directly on Windows Vista and Windows 7 alongside native WIA 2.0 device drivers and imaging applications.

Scanner And Camera Wizard Windows 7

When you click Custom, the Properties box shown in Figure 4-9 appears. The wizard lets you choose any resolution your scanner offers. Resolution, measured in dots per inch (dpi), controls the amount of detail shown on your image, as well as its size. You want high resolution for printouts, for instance, but low resolution for items meant to be seen onscreen (like email). Leave the Brightness and Contrast controls set to 0; you can adjust these settings much more effectively using image-editing software like Picasa, EasyShare, or Photoshop Elements.

The Picture Name and Destination dialog box, shown in Figure 4-11, also appears when you retrieve photos from a digital camera, but with one major exception: The scanner lets you choose the format it uses to save your file. Here are your options.

Windows 8 has a PC Settings utility that facilitates the removal of a device -- such as a camera or scanner -- from your computer. The Devices section of the PC Settings utility lists the devices that are connected to your computer. You can remove a device whether you installed it or your IT department did. You can also remove a device from your computer by using the Device Manager utility. 041b061a72


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