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Comp 1.mp4

The McLaren MP4/1 (initially known as the MP4) was a Formula One racing car produced by the McLaren team. It was used during the 1981, 1982 and 1983 seasons. It was the second Formula One car to use a monocoque chassis wholly manufactured from carbon fibre composite, after the Lotus 88 (which never raced), a concept which is now ubiquitous. The MP4/1 was first entered in a Formula One race at the third grand prix of the season in Argentina.

Comp 1.mp4

During the 1983 season, McLaren worked with Techniques d'Avant Garde and Porsche to develop a turbocharged V6 engine built to John Barnard's specifications and the MP4/1D was the test mule. Later in the season at the Dutch Grand Prix at Zandvoort the Cosworth-powered MP4/1C was replaced by the TAG-powered MP4/1E, which was essentially also a test mule that competed in only 4 races; according to Watson in an interview given in 2009 this was a car that was forced into appearing at the Dutch Grand Prix after political maneuvering by Lauda. He went to Marlboro executive Aleardo Buzzi (the man responsible for giving McLaren their primary sponsorship money), behind the back of the McLaren team and complained extensively to Buzzi about the uncompetitiveness of the team without a turbo engine. Buzzi then withheld money that had been committed to McLaren to develop the TAG/Porsche turbo engine. This infuriated Dennis and designer John Barnard, who had designed the MP4/2 specifically for the new turbo-charged engine, but now had to re-design his MP4/1 to "E" spec for the TAG engine.[citation needed]

The MP4/1E was first driven by Watson, not Lauda, at the Porsche proving ground. It was competitive but the new engine was, thanks to Lauda's political maneuvering, underdeveloped and had teething troubles. This made the car very unreliable, and it did not win any races. However, this car was not really expected to win or even finish races.[6] In total, the MP4/1 brought McLaren 6 wins, 11 other podium finishes and a total of 131 points.

However I've tested it and now I see that something changed for the preloading queue of videos :/ they are now earlier in the DOM than the actual video, under video-pen div. So in order if you need to put controls on main video, you should put the code one slide before it... too complicated and not precise.

If a user closes the course after watching a video and then re-opens the course, it loads back to the same slide but it starts the video again (which might be 30 mins long). It seems that the status of that slide is not sent back to the LMS. The user invariably drags the playbar to the end of the video (because they've already watched it) but they can't proceed and they think they are stuck, not realising that the NEXT button is waiting for the slide timeline to complete. So I've added the following to the project:

why you don't simply use "When media completes" trigger? :)The playtime won't save to the LMS, there is workaroung with javascript to save that as variable and resume playback, but for me that's too much.

In the very beginning I had it like that - to 'show the NEXT button when media completes' but all someone had to do was scrub to the end of the video and the NEXT button would appear. We did some reporting on the first video training we released and found a number of people had completed a 30+ min course in less than 5 minutes, including questions. They had clearly cheated. So, I had to put the extra measures in there to stop the cheating.

Set the video resolution from the compression options. You can also go to the Advanced Settings to adjust the bit rate and frame rate if you want. VEED also has video editing tools that you can use to enhance or make changes to your video. You can clean the audio in one click, cut, split, or rotate your video, and more.

Veed is a great piece of browser software with the best team I've ever seen.Veed allows for subtitling, editing, effect/text encoding, and many more advanced features that other editors just can't compete with. The free version is wonderful, but the Pro version is beyond perfect. Keep in mind that this a browser editor we're talking about and the level of quality that Veed allows is stunning and a complete game changer at worst.

When is the last time you looked at your closest competitors? I mean really studied them. What makes them different? How do their prices compare? What kind of reach or distribution do they have? What do their reviews say about them? Who are they partnered with? How engaged is their social media following?

As a matter of discipline, your teams should be reviewing competitive data regularly. The exact frequency depends upon how active and crowded your particular industry may be. At a minimum, informal competitive assessments should be done monthly.

Written executive summary reviews should be rolled up every quarter, providing the leadership team and Board with a snapshot of any competitor developments that have arisen, key insights gleaned, and action items taken as a result.

Another helpful competitive exercise is to conduct a SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities & Threats) analysis of your own company and core product(s) with that of your top three to five closest competitors. Be as brutally honest and objective as possible and include input from a cross-section of internal business leaders (and even external partners and select customers) to complete.

Tracking competitive data is one thing, using critical thinking and data science skills to gain a proper perspective on business pivots, gaps, opportunities and even future strategic business moves, is game-changing.

The Kosher Supervision of America (KSA) organization is the leading kosher certification agency in the western United States. This certification means Proper Beverage Co. is in full compliance with the most demanding kosher standards.

Our goal is to support your beverage production in the most complete way possible. To help you succeed, we can connect you with the right experts to make sure you have absolutely everything you need to bring your business to life and product to market.

Junior diver Madeline Kuhn won both 1-meter and 3 -meter diving competition, finishing with scores of 294.15 and 267.90, respectively, while freshman Emma Burns posted a 1-meter score of 200.40 and a 3-meter score of 190.95.

On Saturday the intended schedule had to be changed entirely: Instead of the intended full games, a series of challenges were put in place to guide all teams to a point where they are able to compete. After getting the robot model inspected and successfully connecting to the game server, the first challenge was simply to walk. This should ensure that the robots were actually capable of moving and a problem like Friday evening would not occur again. After that, the next challenges were playing a penalty shootout, playing a short game and finally playing a full game. Our software stack worked very reliably and thus we quickly progressed through the challenges. On Saturday, we also managed to shoot the first goal of the mock competition. Admittedly, we did so by first falling onto the ball and thus moving it closer to the goal line. But after that a dynamic kick managed to dodge the goalkeeper and score the first point.

Despite all the chaos and issues that we found, we are confident, that most of the problems that could occur have been discovered by now and that the competition can run undisturbed thanks to this early test. We have seen that our software stack runs as expected and are excited to see interesting games at the real competition starting on June 24th.

an article by Sebastian Stelter and Jonas Hagge After an exciting group phase we got a place in the semi final! We have used the days before the group phase sucessfully to prepare our robots for the competition. In the group phase we were able to in detail test our soft- and hardware changes, which we have made in this season. We have discovered a few problems in the communication between the software modules, but in the end our components communicated successfully with each other. We were really happy about our hardware. After our work on our cable management, we only had one broken cable and only had to invest very little time in hardware problems. To be honest we only qualified for the semi final by a small margin. In the end we had a very exciting game against the world champion and managed to qualify successfully. We are not finished yet though. The semi final is coming up in a few minutes and we are preparing as much as we can to raise our chances to qualify for the final.

In the last few days, interested teenagers got to try out, what it is like to study computer science at our university. And like the last years, we offered one of the three projects the pupils could choose from. During this week, they did not just get a look at our daily lifes, but instead got to experience hands on, what it takes to make a robot play soccer.

Our new vision and walking algorithms perfectly work together with older modules and brought us some very successful plays. We found and removed many huge and tiny mistakes and bugs, that existed undetected for a long time. The exchange with the other teams broadened our horizont, gave us the possibility to discuss human-league problems, inspired us to new ideas and let us make new friends. Last but not least, this years IranOpen was the first chance for three of our members to experience working at a RoboCup competition.

Today began as early as the days before. Our first game against MRL-HSL was scheduled for 8:30 AM. Until then we still had to fix some hardware components. As we were working on our code until late in the night, one could see our exhaustion in our faces. Nonetheless we played a good game, which, unfortunately ended in a loss, but proved that our hard work during the last days was a success.

Save Comp. Collection and development of best practices in cross border cases for the survival of distressed companies, Co-Funded by the Action grants to support judicial cooperation in civil and criminal matters JUST/2014/JCOO/AG/CIVI/7693 of the European Union 041b061a72


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