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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Project Marathwada Eng Sub Download 2021

The project will support the further development of the state's strategic core road network by (i) connecting underdeveloped rural communities, in particular women and other disadvantaged groups, with city centers and nearby industrial zones; (ii) providing direct and indirect opportunities to the primarily agrarian population, in particular woman and other disadvantaged groups, through improved access to markets, health and social services; (iii) improving road connectivity of border districts such as Nanded to neighboring states; (iv) improving industrial value chains for small scale industry by reducing transportation costs; and (v) improving disaster risk and climate change resilience in flood-prone areas.

Project Marathwada Eng Sub Download


As per Government Resolution the projects with Fixed Capital Investment (FCI) or employing direct regular persons according to the threshold limits stated in the below table will be classified as Mega Projects / Ultra Mega Project:

Product manufactured by Enterprises as considered under project scheme approved by the concerned implementing agency together with by products/ scrap & by-product generated as incidental during the main production activity.Units will be allowed Inclusion of related items (i.e. same line of finished product mix/same finished product range/category) freely during EC period with prospective effect.


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