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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Bruce Springsteen - Only The Strong

"Only the Strong Survive" and "Hey, Western Union Man" are both originally from the same Jerry Butler album, The Iceman Cometh, which was recorded in Philly at Sigma Sound in 1968. That's the only album that you chose two songs from. Why did that album have such an impact?

Bruce Springsteen - Only the Strong

The only other artist you have two songs from on this album is Levi Stubbs, lead singer of the Four Tops. You bookended it with one from 1967, "7 Rooms of Gloom," and one from 1981, "When She Was My Girl," which are two very distinct periods of the Four Tops.

(I remember)(I remember)(I remember)(I remember)(I remember) Now I remember my first love(I remember) Of course the whole thing went wrong(I remember) And my mama had some great advice I thought I'd put it into words of this song(I remember) Because I can still hear her sayingShe said, boy (boy, boy), oh I see you sitting out there all aloneYeah just crying your eyes out into the cold great dawnNow there's gonna be, there's gonna be a whole lot of trouble in your life (whole lot of trouble)So listen to me, get up off your knees 'cause only the strong surviveThat's what she saidOnly the strong survive, only the strong surviveYeah, you've gotta be strong (strong), you've go to hold on (hold on)Only the strong survive (don't go)Now don't go around with your head hanging downI wouldn't let the girl know, she made you feel like a clown, oh noNow there's a whole lotta girls (whole lotta girls) just looking for a good man like youYou ain't never gonna meet 'em if you give up now and say your whole life is throughBecause only the strong survive, only the strong surviveYeah, you gotta be a man (a man), you gotta take a stand (oh yeah)Only the strong survive (ooh-hoo)I'm telling you right now, only the strong survive (the strong survive)Only the strong survive, only the strong surviveYeah, you've go to hold on (hold on), you've gotta be strong (strong)'Cause only the strong survive (only the strong survive)And if there was gonna be a better day, you're gonna make it (yeah)You gotta take that stand (yeah)'Cause only the strong survive, only the strong surviveYeah, you've gotta be strong, you've go to hold on'Cause only the strong surviveOh better times are coming...[Fades out] 041b061a72


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