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Rocket Unturned Permissions

You can manage permissions by editing the openmod.roles.yaml file inside the OpenMod directory or by using the permission and permissionrole commands. You can use the help permission and help permissionrole commands for more information.

Rocket Unturned Permissions


Roles are basically a group of permissions and other attributes. If you assign a role to a user, they will automatically inherit all permissions of the role. You can also add parent roles to a role for inheriting permissions.

If you are managing RocketMod permissions from OpenMod, you must add RocketMod: to the beginning of the permission.For example, if the RocketMod permission is help, the equivalent in OpenMod is RocketMod:help.

Permissions can be directly attached to users: om p add player Trojaner User permissions always override any conflicting role permissions. You can use om p remove Trojaner to remove the permission again.

You can adjust the openmod.unturned.yaml file for more advanced scenarios, like making RocketMod use OpenMod's permission system instead of RocketMod's Permissions.xml or OpenMod's economy system instead of Uconomy:

default default User [User] white 76561197993030459 76561198343505656 p compass rocket essentials.command.kit.starter essentials.command.kit.Starter essentials.command.kits kit Starter vip VIP FF9900 76561198016438091 default effect heal essentials.command.kits essentials.command.kit. owner Owner [Owner] blue 76561198145680082 p compass rocket. kits kit. moderator Moderator [Moderator] green p compass rocket kits kit.* item god

This is a list of all of the permissions available in core Rocket. This does not include any commands added by plugins.(If you would like to know what these permissions can do please check out our other article on rocket commands!)


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