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Ticketmaster Buy Back

Two of the journalists went undercover with hidden cameras and posed as professional resellers to attend Ticket Summit 2018, a trade convention held in July at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas. A CBC journalist also obtained access to an online video conference demonstration of the TradeDesk platform back in March.

ticketmaster buy back

When Ticketmaster sells tickets, they reap the benefit with 10's-100's of dollars worth of fees (also a rip off), per ticket. When "fans" "resell" through Ticketmaster, Ticketmaster makes money off of this "resale" as well, at a much higher price - scammers sell $50 tickets for $600-$800, as I have seen recently. Through resale, Ticketmaster makes money off charging people fees twice, through ONE sale of tickets. This also prevents real fans from getting tickets - they all immediately go to scalpers. I want to prevent scalpers from getting tickets, and get the tickets back in fans' hands - and not at such a high cost. The only parties that benefit from Ticketmaster's "resale" are scalpers and Ticketmaster. Please end this, Ticketmaster.

For questions, fans can contact our Ticket Office by phone at 814-865-5555, Penn State Intercollegiate Athletics Ticketing at 1-800-NITTANY. Tickets may be purchased online at or through BJC Account Manager (for Penn State University Park Students). Fans are also encouraged to visit the Bryce Jordan Center website and Bryce Jordan Center social media channels for guidance and to check back regularly for additional information and status updates.

If you purchased tickets from Telecharge for a suspended or canceled performance, your tickets would have been refunded back to your credit card. If that has not happened yet, then you may need to contact Telecharge. The Telecharge call center is located in New York and New Jersey (Hackensack) and has been closed until further notice, so you will have to email them at

Below are the policies for Broadway ticket refunds when there is no Coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic threat and we are back to some version of Broadway business normality. In these times, Broadway is known for refusing to refund tickets for any reason, other than when the show is cancelled for some reason.

Often the cancellation (or refunded) tickets come from the leader of a large group that has some members who didn't show up and who were unable to make it. At a less popular Broadway show, these people might be stuck standing in front of the theater alongside the scalpers, trying to sell off the unused tickets. But at a hot show, the box office is more likely to take the ticket back so that they can sell it to someone on the cancellation line.

The box offices of these hit shows also buy back leftover inventory from ticketing agencies at the last minute. The agency might not have been able to unload all their tickets in advance, so they're anxious to make back whatever they can, and the box office is more than happy to take these tickets and sell them to the cancellation line. Something the ticket agency isn't officially allowed to do because of their 'no refund' policies.

Ticketmaster was started back in 1976 by college staffers and a businessman, and had their first big win by signing the Utah Jazz in 1978. Since then, they've expanded their offerings to include concerts, arts and theatre, sports, and family entertainment. Browse their cadre of shows to see hit Broadway musicals such as Sarah Bareille's Waitress, watch smackdowns in the WWE, tap your feet along to Riverdance, or laugh uproariously during Hannibal Buress' comedy show, and all for less than you might imagine when you use a Ticketmaster coupon to save. There's no limit to how much fun you can have at a Ticketmaster live event! What are you waiting for?

On this site, you can purchase tickets by choosing the event you wish to attend under Event Calendar and clicking on the gold Get Tickets button. Tickets may also be purchased online at or (for certain shows only). You may also purchase tickets by calling the Tennessee Theatre Box Office at 865.684.1200, option 2, during normal business hours: Monday through Friday from 10am to 3pm. During events, the Gay Street Box Office opens one hour prior to showtime. To ensure that your tickets are valid and that you are only paying face value, please purchase directly from Ticketmaster, Knoxville Tickets, or the Tennessee Theatre Box Office. We highly advise against purchasing from a ticket broker or unauthorized third party. 041b061a72


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