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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Turkey Pixel Art: A Fun and Easy Way to Celebrate Thanksgiving

As students solve the problems in Column B, by typing their answers in Column C, a mystery pixel art image is revealed, piece by piece. Students will know they have typed the correct answer if they see pixels appearing! If nothing happens, then students know to self-correct their answer.

Pixel Magic is a digital activity using Google Sheets. This Thanksgiving Book Pixel Art activity is designed as a follow-up activity to assign to students after reading this book (book not included in this download). There are 10 questions about the book (all with one word answers due to the nature of this activity). Students will read the question on the Google Sheet and type the answer in the answer column. As correct answers are entered, colored pixels will begin to appear to slowly reveal a picture related to the book. This is a self-checking activity - if the wrong answer is entered students will notice that no colored pixels appear and the answer must be wrong so to try again.

turkey pixel art

One way designers get around being stuck with one size is to design in vector art programs (typically Adobe Illustrator and Corel Draw). Vector art programs use paths and shapes instead of pixels (Raster images) to determine shape and color. These shapes and paths can be enlarged and are not dependent to a pixel size, so their quality remains intact when sized. Typically people use vector programs to create logos and text, but are popular amongst designers because of their friendliness towards scalability. Click Here to find out about getting YOUR artwork vectorized.


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