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Unforgettable You By Ava Olsen ##HOT##

On February 26th, Letters Live made its US premiere in Los Angeles with an unforgettable show that featured readings and musical performances from Aisha Tyler, Anjelica Huston, Annabelle Wallis, Benjamin Booker, Benjamin Clementine, Catherine Keener, Danny Huston, Ian McShane, Isla Fisher, Jake Gyllenhaal, James Corden, Jarvis Cocker, Mark Hamill, Reggie Watts, Shirley Manson, and Stephen Fry.

Unforgettable You by Ava Olsen

Last year's theme "Heavenly Bodies: Fashion and the Catholic Imagination" brought some truly unforgettable outfits, including Lena Waithe's pride cape, Katy Perry's gold Versace dress with floor-length angel wings, Frances McDormand's Valentino cape, head piece and jumpsuit and so much more.

Billy Porter's arrival was just as unforgettable as he showed up getting carried by six shirtless men who all wore gold pants and gold shoes. Porter wore a gold one-piece suit designed by The Blonds and, according to Vogue, included a pair of 10-foot wings.

It's rare for a children's book to prove itself a gem before the story even begins, but Tabby Toodles' Pirate Adventure does just that. The rousing tale is preceded by a highly amusing glossary of Pirate Lingo and an illustrated cast of characters that captivate readers and leave them hungry for more. That anticipatory excitement proves to be more than justified as this joyful adventure unfolds in playful pirate vernacular youngsters find irresistible. There is merriment on every page as readers follow a happy (mostly female) pirate crew in search of treasure. Zavoc Dayne's gorgeous water color illustrations mesh perfectly with Mary Lambert's delightfully inventive rhymes in portraying an unforgettable group of seafarers as they sing, set sail and maintain a festive mood even in the face of rough weather and a surprise treasure! As Katy, Tabby Toodles and crew so eloquently put it: YO HO HO... a pirate's life for me! YO HO HO... adventures on the sea! YO HO HO... we're searchin' happily! 041b061a72


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