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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Cyber People - Void Vision-The Album (cd Compil...

Gangly proto-Brit-poppers Pulp had been lurching around the scene for quite some time when they released 'His 'n' Hers'. Thankfully the album finally rid them of the tag of 'nearly people' that had been following them around and they finally found some crossover success. Tracks like 'Do You Remember the First Time?' and 'Lipgloss' set the scene for what would come next... the number one smash 'Different Class'.

Cyber People - Void Vision-The Album (cd compil...

Continuing on from a long line of Terrys (Wogan, Venables, the chocolate orange people) are Terry the four-piece Australian band. Like their namesakes, they tended to be rather prolific, but 'Call Me Terry' appears after five years away. Despite this,the album is 100% classic Terry, with short sharp tracks redolent of Swell Maps and TV Personalities.

Debut album by the blackened solo project of Eddie Newman, PROSPERITY GOSPEL. This record is a reflection of the south: swarms of cicadas in the pine trees, droning away as an unlucky soul, lost in the swamps, succumbs to heat and the weight of gloom. The lyrical content of the record responds to the existential crisis of environmental annihilation, the dehumanization of late stage capitalism, and the ecstasy of the void. 041b061a72


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