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[S1E5] What We Do In The Shadows !FREE!

  • Double-Meaning Title: "What We Do in the Shadows" is both named for a sitcom like the other episodes' titles, and follows the characters after filming one night.

  • Mister Muffykins: Zack's beloved Butternut turns out to be a horrible little dog. They have to wear industrial gloves just to touch him since he's prone to biting, and he excretes on Hannah, who's already regretting letting him stay in her office.

  • Mushroom Samba: Bree on shrooms:Clay: Bree, tell me exactly what you see. Bree: When my eyes are open or closed? When they're open, I see a fence. When they're closed, dragons.

  • Take That!: The episode throws a few jabs at Chuck Lorre when Gordon and Reed come across his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame and proceed to mock him, with Gordon complaining how he always struggled to get pilots off the ground because the network "put three new Chuck Lorre shows to go along with his eleven other shows". It culminates in Reed drunkenly pissing on his star.

[S1E5] What We Do in the Shadows

We hope Alina realizes that regardless of what Kirigan has said or done, she alone manifests her powers and summons light. She becomes so powerful that she does not even need the gloves Kirigan ordered David to make if Alina was not ready to perform.

Alina: I was nervous at first. But talking to Genya, I've realized what this demonstration represents. I've always felt like an outsider, especially when I first got here. But now, I finally feel like I belong. And not that I just belong here, but to something greater. That we can offer Grisha and Ravkans hope for the future.Kirigan: That means a lot to me, Alina. You mean a lot... to everyone.

We wonder if Alina will ever find out what happened, but then again, many things are up in the air right now. Alina does not even know that Mal is looking for her, which makes us wonder if they will finally reunite soon. We will have to keep watching to find out.

"The Golem" hit heavy on consequences, a theme that has been coursing through the season, but was overtly mentioned last week by the woman Ray was spying on as leverage in her divorce battle. "Do you think about what you do?" is a question that has begun to chip away at Ray, just as his father has come back into town to dredge up more of his past misdeeds. Meanwhile, Ezra, a father-figure to Ray, is leaving him. His mental deterioration has left Ray without a guide or mentor, and as his life begins to fall apart around him, Abby steps from out of the shadows to ask him, point blank, "who the fuck are you?" Hit the jump for more on this and why everyone listens to the same radio station in L.A.

Too many series hold back and obfuscate truths like this to draw out a sense of tension, but it's a false one. The show loses nothing by giving these reveals. Ray's knowledge that he's part of an investigation pushes him over the edge, and Ezra and Mickey coming face to face about the past set up Mickey being able to set terms for what he wants.

We were led to believe that Alina had found her place but she ends up completely alone, unsure of what is her next step apart from escaping. She was falling in love for Kirigan only to discover she was being used. Kirigan charmed us all including Alina, so we feel quite heartbroken for her when everything comes out. Yet really can we be surprised that he had ulterior motives for Alina.

The detectives reveal their theory to both Cohle and Hart: Cohle manipulated evidence and led the trail to Ledoux to protect himself. That Rust has a storage unit he will not allow them to see and that Billy Lee Tuttle died under suspicious circumstances shortly after Cohle's return to Louisiana further fuels their suspicion. Disgusted, Cohle tells them off and leaves. As Hart tries to absorb what he's been told, the detectives ask him to recount his "altercation" with Cohle.

If you're already looking ahead and want to see what 2023 has to offer, here's a list of shows and movies coming to Netflix in the new year. But before we get ahead of ourselves, here's what's coming to (and leaving) Netflix in March 2023: 041b061a72


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