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Catch The Bunny [v0.11] |VERIFIED|

The fish trap variant works the same, though it only catches fish in water. To create the fish trap, hover the blueprint in a body of water and the trap will change from the default view to show it will place the alternate trap type (simply hover back over land to revert to the default animal trap). You MUST place the trap underwater and where fish spawn or the trap will not work. Note: The trap appears to only hold one fish at a time and requires a stick to reset after each use.

Catch the Bunny [v0.11]

It is found in the traps section of the survival guide. Once you have built the animal trap, it is advisable not to stand too close to it, as the player could have a risk of scaring off the small game that it could catch and b) accidentally trigger the trap himself (usually done when trying to remove an animal from the trap and reset it simultaneously). The player should kill and skin the animal inside the trap to avoid this problem. A crafted bow, modern bow or slingshot can be used to kill the animal inside without causing damage to the animal trap. If other weapons are used, it will damage the trap if building destruction is switched on. Animal traps are also known as rabbit traps or small animal traps in the patch notes. Deer, Crocodile, Tortoise, Sea Turtle and Geese can trigger animal traps but cannot be caught.

As of v0.41, you can now trap fish inside the animal trap. It follows the same mechanic as catching land animals. To build it, you need to select the animal trap from the survival guide, and move the blue print into water. There must be fish for it to work. It works better on normal mode as there is much more fish.

(Multiplayer) Fish trap no longer syncs its sprung state, since fishes are local to each player it allows traps to catch fish on each player side independently. Resetting fish trap is still common to all playersFixed resetting fish trap not having a delay allowing currently caught fish to escape

The fishes appears on recent discussions, posts and users pages. If you let users choose the placement, they are constrained to the same rules. How long ago these discussions/posts/users must have been active is customizable in the extension settings in the admin panel. When users decide to place the fish themselves, they are moved to a basket in the bottom right of the page and can be placed somewhere via drag-and-drop. The time they have to choose a place can be customized via the extension settings. If they don't place the fish in time, it will be placed randomly. Users cannot catch a fish they placed themselves until somebody else catch and release it. 041b061a72


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