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How White Noise Download Can Improve Your Focus and Productivity

When the day comes to an end and you finally crawl into bed, it is not always so easy to shed the pressures of the day and find sleep. Noise machines have grown in popularity over the years due to people wanting to precisely control the ambient sounds around them in order to sleep better. However, actual white noise machines can be difficult to travel with due to their size and power needs. As an alternative, there are now white noise apps that offer simple functionality and excellent performance.

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myNoise may not have the most sounds on our list, but it has some of the most unique. It is a free app that has 20 different sounds, including not only white noise but also sounds like the rain, ocean, thunder, and a restaurant cafe. Enjoy exclusive soundtracks like Irish Coast, Gregorian Voices, Japanese Garden, Calm Office, and Old Mansion. There is even a Warp Speed, designed specifically for you sci-fi fans. They are designed for a variety of purposes, including work, school, sleep, relaxation, and meditation. They are customizable, too, with 10 color-coded sliders that allow the app to adjust specific frequencies to provide the best noise blocking. Noises are provided over the entire audible frequency range of 20 Hz to 20 kHz over 10 octaves. Noises are also calibrated to your personal hearing during the calibration stage for a soundtrack specifically personalized for your ears.

Calm has become synonymous with meditation, so of course, it also would be great as a white noise app. It is an app meant to promote meditation and mindfulness, which in turn can greatly improve sleep, reduce stress, and increase productivity. Included is a large library of guided meditations, but that is far from all. There also are exercises to help with breathwork and stretching, plus dedicated music to help things along and improve relaxation while eliminating stress. For help lulling you to sleep, check out one of the Sleep Stories read by actual celebrities, like Matthew McConaughey, P!nk, or Stephen Fry. There also are peaceful melodies, like ocean waves, babbling brook, and campfire to help you find rest that much faster.

White Noise Generator may not be as well-known as Calm, but it is a fantastic option when you want the best white noise app to customize your own sounds. In addition to white noise, choose from all sorts of sounds, like rain on your window, cars, thunder, wind, leaves, night, and the ever-reliable fan. You also can choose places like the forest, a creek, the ocean, a train, or a cafe. All available sounds are chosen specifically for their mixing ability, so you can choose a variety of sounds to seamlessly customize your perfect day or sleep soundtrack. While other apps can get bogged down by other types of content, this is an app specifically made to provide white noise. You just need an Android to use it.

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The best white noise app is myNoise for its versatility. There are tons of free sounds, but there also are ready-made soundtracks available, greatly simplifying use when you are in a hurry. While many apps focus on bedtime, this is an app that is recommended for all times of the day. Even better, sounds are specially calibrated to improve noise blocking, so there is fantastic performance every time you use the app.

White noise is a type of noise that runs at a constant and consistent intensity, running across every audible frequency. It helps relax and soothe the brain, drowning out external noises that can prove distracting when you're trying to concentrate or rest.

The White Noise Lite app also offers the full gamut of colored sounds, including white, gray, brown, pink, blue, and violet, so you can choose the frequency that you find most relaxing. I found the brown noise to be the most relaxing, thanks to its lower tones.

White Noise Lite comes pre-programmed with suggested mixes, such as fire, water, and wind together. You can also layer sounds to create your own mixes, or record sounds yourself to add to your playlist. By making an account, you can download more sounds from the online market, including sounds recorded by other users.

Leaving on Sunday for cruise. I just downloaded some apps for white noise to drown out the outside cabin noises on my iPhone. Does that require that you buy the Internet package on the cruise. Or does it use any minutes on my phone plan. I do not want to be charged for using the download application bin other words it is like listening to music thru my phone. Is it free. Please advise.

As long as it's downloaded, you don't need the internet to use it. It's just like any other app that's downloaded. I have the White Noise and Nature Sounds app on my iPad, and used it without needing to use it via 3G or wifi.

As others have indicated, you can absolutely use the app without incurring any charges once it's been downloaded, but turning it onto airplane mode is essential. If you don't your phone will connect to the ship's cell tower automatically, transmitting signals, receiving calls/texts, and racking up HUGE charges! I've used airplane mode on both my cruises so far because I like to use my phone as a watch. Worked like a charm!

I have many apps that do not require an internet connection for use. Not only do I use 'airplane mode' but I make sure that all my automatic data downloads and notifications are OFF. If you look on the ATT web site, there are specific directions for doing all this so you don't get hit with huge charges.

It is the white noise lite that I downloaded last nite to my I-Phone. Thanks for the info about turning on the airplane mode because I did not know that. I guess I should be OK if I do that. I am only going to use it if they take away my battery operated fan, which they are not supposed to do. I will let you know because this is our first Celebrity cruise. Happy cruising.....

Generated with GNU Octave's random number generator rand(), which generates uniformly distributed random values in the interval [0,1). The wavwrite() function expects values in [-1.0, 1.0), so we multiply by 2 and shift down by 1. So to generate 10 seconds of noise sampled at 48 kHz:

White Noise is generated by a continuous range of frequencies evenly distributed across the entire hearing spectrum. In healthcare settings, white noise is employed to treat hyperacusis, a heightened sensitivity to normal environmental sounds, or to mask the annoyance caused by tinnitus, a ringing in the ears that occurs without any external stimulus. White noise is also used to obscure background noises in offices or to aid in sleep.

Even though all frequencies are produced with equal intensity, white noise sounds much brighter than one might expect from a spectrally flat noise. This is due to the nature of our hearing, which perceives different frequencies unequally. As a result, people often prefer listening to Pink Noise, a noise that enhances the lower frequency range to counterbalance the unnatural brightness of white noise, or Brown Noise, a noise that places even greater emphasis on the lower frequencies. When the noise precisely compensates for the unique sensitivity curve of human hearing, white noise becomes Grey.

The song actually was an unreleased demo written while the recording sessions of the Linkin Park sixth studio album, The Hunting Party. On October 15, 2014, the band confirmed the song to be featured during the opening credits of Mall. On October 17, the song was available for free download in its entire length through the official Mall website as the first promotional single for the first time.[5] The song was finished after the release of the studio album, whereas in an interview Joe Hahn said that the score was already finished before the recording of the album started.[6]

Due to the early release of the movie in DVD in France, only half part of the song was available as an illegal download from various websites, along with the four unreleased demos, entitled "It Goes Through", "Devil's Drop", and "The Last Line" under their working titles "Luna", "Warm Spell", and "Ammosick" respectively. The song was released under the same title that it had during recording sessions. Though the song was released as a promotional single in promotion of the film, the background score of the film revolved more around other three songs comparatively. "The Last Line" was available on YouTube and in digital download format, under the name of "Mall: Theme Song".[7]

In an article by 101 WRIF, Gary Graff comments on the song as "Linkin Park has released a new song that wasn't featured on The Hunting Party, their sixth studio that was released in June 2014, as they offer a free digital download of 'White Noise' that is featured on the soundtrack to Mall, Hahn's newest film that is confined as his first directing debut, after his first short film The Seed. Hahn was able to go through some of the unreleased demos from Linkin Park's previous studio albums from their throughout career for the soundtrack to Mall, and using Linkin Park's music became a natural fit for the project." Joe Hahn commented on the fitting of the song in film as:

1. To remove the noise first download Audacity, you can download Audacity here. Once you have downloaded Audacity create a new file then click File > Import and select the recording you are looking to reduce the background noise on.

There are different ways to burn-in your headphones (or earbuds). The most common ways include running a variety of music, white noise, pink noise, radio noise, frequency sweeps, etc. through the headphones at a medium volume. Note: too high of a volume can cause damage to, or even kill your headphones!

JLab has provided a simple burn-in method for your convenience above or download it below. Use it at your own risk, as JLab will not be responsible for any damage to electrical equipment or human ears.

The audio burn-in file contains a nonstop loop of: White noise, pink noise, radio white noise, 20-20000 Hz frequency sweeps, 10-30000 Hz frequency sweeps, 20-200 Hz frequency sweeps, as well as a minute of silence in between each for a rest period.


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