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Millennial Support Group

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Miles Kelly
Miles Kelly

Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets __HOT__

While most men can't get it up you can't get it to go down. In a world flipped upside-down in a panic over declining birthrates that means you have a duty to breed! Claim a sexy mother and her bomb-shell daughter as your personal Pleasure Pets and embark on a journey of birthrate busting X-rated adventures.

Mother Daughter Pleasure Pets

For as long as you can remember you've been living with Kaede, a gorgeous mother, and her sexy daughter Ayane. Surrounded by these beautiful babes every single day your lust finally reaches a breaking point and it turns out YOU are one of the rare males capable of impregnation. Obviously the first thing you must do is to claim the mother and daughter pair as your very first Pleasure Pets!

At 21, Shandi is a single mother to a bright 3-year-old. William mourns his toddler daughter, lost in a car accident, while angrily rejecting his wife's dying vision of little Twyla in heaven. For him, a miracle is "only science that hasn't been explained yet.'' 041b061a72


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