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Where To Buy Gold Watches [NEW]

Baroque curves and a stud-patterned rubber sports strap on an ultra-thin 8.7mm dress watch? Yes, please. With the indefinable Genta-style language in the Gerald Charles Maestro 2.0 the short 39mm case makes one hell of an impression. The talking hand-applied hour markers and the curvy-tangular case make for an unexpected impression of balance and poise. When it comes to gold watches for men, this gold-framed date window has never looked more precious. 29,600. At

where to buy gold watches


In a world of hyped-up collabs and tough divers watches that never leave the sofa, there is zen to be found in the classicism of Frederique Constant. This 42mm rose gold plated case is a slim 11mm and exudes a rich mid-20th century Swiss dressed-up vibe. Powered by a Manufacture movement, the FC-710MC has a pebble-smooth case matched by an onion crown and guilloche dial details. It's the step back in time we all need. 2,495. At

We do wonder what a regular-shaped watch from Panerai would look like, if only out of curiosity. The fact that the Luminor series has survived the ups and downs of noughties stardom proves its worth. There is chameleonic nature in the classic Italian wristwear which is blatantly apparent. Witness the weapons-grade crown guard taking on a different role, as 18k rose gold makes this goldilocks-sized Panerai a rich celebration of cushion-shaped cool. 13,700. At

With the two company founders still at the forefront of design and production, Bravur creates beautiful, minimalistic, mechanical and quartz timepieces that are assembled in Sweden using Swiss movements. The BW002 is available in various configurations, including this model with a 38mm, gold-PVD, steel case and silver-white dial. There are plenty of luxury details that come as standard with the watch, including applied indexes, genuine sapphire crystal glass and a wide choice of quality straps with the option to have leather versions monogrammed. The brand has free shipping worldwide via its easy-to-navigate website. 423. At

There's nothing inherently wrong with that. The market is the market, and our buying patterns dictate how it fluctuates. But markets swing over time, and I'm about ready to see some movement back in the direction of luscious, shiny gold. Aside from being HODINKEE's resident cinephile, I also happen to be its great defender of two-tone watches. And there's a reason I love bi-metal pieces so much: I don't have to choose between gold and steel.

Now, there are certain drawbacks to owning a gold watch, such as its prohibitive expense (especially with a matching gold bracelet), but you know that going in. Gold is also more fragile than stainless steel, picking up scratches far more easily. The faint-of-heart might be scared off by the notion of a five-figure watch showing signs of wear. I personally think scratches are part of the journey and make any watch look great.

I've been thinking about gold watches so much lately that when asked to create a dream watch in a recent Editor's Picks story, here on HODINKEE, I dreamt up a solid-gold 36mm Rolex Explorer. I'm still waiting for the day that one gets made. In any event, I want to share my infatuation with you all, and so I've compiled a list of some great stories on gold watches from HODINKEE years past. Stay golden, and enjoy.

This is one is a bit of a throwback. HODINKEE founder Ben Clymer spends a week with a solid gold AP Royal Oak Chrono, a true heavy-hitter that is every bit as heavy (literally) as you might expect.

Gold Rolex watches have always an epitome of elegance. It feels synonymous with luxury. Worn by CEOs and accomplished executives, a gold watch by Rolex is a symbol of accomplishment. Anyone looking for a stylish quality watch can look to the Rolex line for their quality craftsmanship and powerful yet subtle appearance. It is the ultimate watch for any gentlemen of distinction and achievement. If you are in the market for a very specific watch model be sure to browse our full section of used Rolex wristwatch for sale.

When looking at Rolex gold references you will noticed that most end in the number "8". Older vintage models are an exception to this rule but more modern references will still follow this rule. Some of the references for this model include: 118208, 116528, 326938, 118238, 116718, 116688, etc.

Function and style aside, gold rolex prices for mens and womens watches for sale can be a good investment. Not only are they good investments but there are a variety of different models to choose from such as Submariner sports watches to dress watches like the Day Date or Datejust.

Bob's Watches is an independent watch dealer and is not sponsored by, associated withand/oraffiliated with Rolex S.A., Rolex USA, or any other brand listed on its website.Bob'sWatchesonly sells pre-owned watches and provides its own warranties on the watches itsells.The brandnames and associated model names for Rolex, OMEGA and other manufacturers are thetrademarks oftheir respective owners.

Stainless steel sport-luxury watches are definitely having a moment in the watch collectors' spotlight lately, but the enduring appeal of gold watches remains undeniable. Timepieces in precious metals not only project a confident aura of elegance; they also represent a tangible value that can be passed on to future generations. Of course, gold watches tend to be a much more significant investment in terms of price than watches in steel, but watch connoisseurs of more modest means have a fair amount of options as well when it comes to achieving that classic gold look, from plated and PVD-treated models to bi-material (aka two-tone) timepieces that blend some gold elements with steel. In this compilation, we'll list some of our favorites in those more budget-conscious categories as well as some recent standouts in the most popular styles: yellow-gold, rose-gold, and white-gold.

Once the most common alloy for watches but now taking a backseat to rose gold in popularity, yellow gold has made a quiet comeback in recent years. Containing both copper and silver in its mixture, it's the most hypoallergenic type of gold.

Having risen in popularity as a watch material in the 21st Century, rose gold (aka pink gold or red gold) is an alloy whose warm hue is derived from adding copper to pure gold; the amount of copper added determines how "red" your watch's shiny surface will be.

If gold isn't exclusive enough for you, several watch brands make their own proprietary gold alloys that are used exclusively on models within their collection. Here are a few solid examples of these "house specialty" golds.

Watches with gold cases often balance them out with a gold rotor to wind the movement. But in rare cases, the better part of the entire movement is made from gold, as in this unusual example from one of the watch industry's most boldly experimental brands.

Usually, wealthy individuals go for these watches. Budget buyers look for silver and other metal timepieces. However, gold luxury watches are not just a matter of finance. You can find budget watches too. A slew of reasons makes these timepieces worth your time and money. Here is a big list of benefits that might drive you toward these lovely watches.

Gold timepieces exude an air of distinction and elegance, which is why they are preferred by most buyers. Not all individuals own gold watches, given the price. So, you get an opportunity to stand out at any event. Essentially, your timepieces make you a center of attraction on any occasion. As well as enriching your individuality, they give a boost to your clothing. These watches could make even casual jeans look sophisticated and classic. Not to mention, a formal outfit could take your persona to a new level.

Most people are of the view that a gold or gold-plated watch might be fragile. Gold is a malleable and ductile metal. So, watches made from this yellow metal might wear out quickly. However, that is not the case. Popular brands take immense care when making these elegant watches. They employ the latest techniques to create timepieces that should last for years. Once bought, you might enjoy the companionship of your watch throughout your life.

People are more conscious about their status and positions in society. They pay close attention to every detail that might enhance their social status. They shell out enough money on various items to elevate their pride. Gold and status go hand in hand. Gold watches can spruce up your pride and status quickly. Just pick a suitable watch from a trusted outlet. By doing so, you can enjoy a better status in society.

Gold watches come with a series of perks. Better longevity, resale value, exclusive distinctions, elevated pride, and higher status are the benefits of buying gold luxury watches. This is why modern individuals prefer to buy these elegant timepieces. If you want to tap all these perks, check a reputed outlet dedicated to gold timepieces. Within no time, you might have your hands on a distinct piece of your dreams.

Some brands were known for cutting corners, especially with precious metals. Chronographe Suisse watches in solid gold are fairly common; however, the brand was notorious for its paper-thin cases and actual hollowed-out lugs, in order to cut down on the amount of gold required to case the watch. Although I love the Smiths brand, their presentation line was cased slightly thinner and smaller than their normal line of solid gold watches. 041b061a72


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