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REPACK Free Download Dc Unlocker Crack Version 2012

Today, I am writing about DC Unlocker cracked version 2012. I get much traffic about DC Unlocker cracked version 2012, and recently one of my friends asked about the DC Unlocker Client Cracked version 2012. There is no repeat no any version of DC-Unlocker has been cracked after DC-Unlocker V1.00.0565. Many fake bloggers are writing the article about DC Unlocker cracked version 2012 for getting more and more traffic. Again, I am saying that no software has been cracked or DC unlocked after V1.00.0565. Many bloggers are giving the heading Download DC Unlocker crack version 2012 Free, and when you actually download it, you will get DC-Unlocker V1.00.565 only.

free download dc unlocker crack version 2012

Download File:

DC-Unlocker tool and DC Crap (crack) can be downloaded from the download link provided at the end of the article.How to install DC-Unlocker cracked version in Windows PC to unlock ZTE modems free?1. Go to the end of the article and download the DC-Unlocker and DC Crap software from the download link provided at the end of the article.

2. Now open the Zip file which you have downloaded to install dc-unlocker_client-1.00.0597_2.exe From it.Dc Unlocker Crack Unlimited Version3. Now, Open Zip File and extract from it.4. Now extract Dccrap.exe on your desktop and run it.

This is a good one but many modems like the one I have have customized firmware thereby resulting in firmware update failed when upgrading the firmware. The only method that works on customized firmeware is temporary unlock which usualy relocks on unplugging and halting. By the way you can use a free software called huawei modem unlocker to unlock free of cost in contrast to the dc unlocker which is costly.


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