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Where To Buy Gold Jewelry In Nyc

If you love thin gold jewelry with a hint of flair, AMYO Jewelry is the brand to have on your radar. From duo-laced necklaces to linked chain bracelets, the sought-after accessory line will complement your chicest blazer and most flattering bodysuit.

where to buy gold jewelry in nyc

Aside from wrist accessories, IceLink offers beautiful Cuban chokers, dainty gold and diamond rings and jaw-dropping diamond studs. And, as far as quality, the less than $150 bracelets look ten times more expensive.

Meet the hidden gem on the Internet (pun totally intended): Ten Wilde Jewelry. The brand has us swooning over the eclectic gold chains, gorgeous heart-shaped pieces and stunning pearls, among a variety of other styles.

Zales has just about everything you can think of at every price point. Notably, its rose gold rings add the perfect touch of glam, along with its monogram and initial necklaces and beautiful bolo bracelets.

I haven't been to the diamond district for several years (my husband always develops a cramp in his leg whenever we get close LOL) but want to buy a couple of nice 14 or 18 KT gold necklaces and bracelets on our trip this summer. Nothing with stones, just gold.

Is the diamond district the best place in Manhattan for gold, or would Fortunoff's have as good a price? I'm not concerned about exchange privileges, etc, just good quality workmanship (clasps that won't break, etc) and the best price.

The diamond district is somewhat hit and miss but since you are not buying a diamond where you really have to know what you are doing, I would go there. But first I would go to Fortunoff's and look at their selection paying attention to the quality, as you mentioned, and also to the karats and the weight of the items (this can be deceiving because some things look big but they are hollow) and of course, the price. Then go to the diamond district and see the comparison. You can always go back to Fortunoff's.

If you're not looking to have something made (and even if you are), it's not a bad idea to price out what you want in (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g)document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);)(function()ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-7592143', '');, 'log_autolink_impression');Toronto before coming to NY. I have bought jewelry in both cities, and unless you are looking for something rare (and willing to pay for it), there are plenty of speciality jewelry shops on college street that are worth looking at. I found the prices to be really good on college street.

However, it's my wedding anniversary, and I want my husband to buy me something nice in NYC as a souvenir and anniversary present rolled into one. My husband buys snowglobes and funny T-shirts wherever he goes, when we travel I like to get one nice item and enjoy happy memories of the city we bought it in every time I wear it.

Torontogal ..... it seems like you already found your jewelry store ..... so if you'll indulge me a moment ..... here's a tune that I often think of whenever the question of jewelry comes up on the forum ..... you see ..... I often get a cramp in my leg too when my wife wants to look at jewelry too ..... it must be a guy thing ..... you lucky girl !

So what you're really saying is that, deep down, you hope hubby gets a gold nameplate of your name in cursive letters, at least 2" x 4", with diamond chips in the center of the "o"s? Or perhaps a gold sailor's anchor pendant, Virgin Mary or dollar sign?

I've been looking for gold shrimp earrings for years. I'm a native NYer, but live in Maryland now and shrimp earrings aren't a "thing." After a lot of online searches, I just happened to run across the Popular Jewelry site. I saw the earrings, but they weren't as large as I wanted. I sent a chat message to ask if they had larger. Not only did the owner actually respond immediately, he took pictures of what he had in stock and provided me with three different sizes and styles. I purchased a pair online. The price was great, was just what I was looking for and the customer service was awesome! fast forward about 3 months later. I'm looking for a NY pendant to wear on an existing chain. Once again, the owner sent me pictures of what was in stock. He asked me to send him a picture of the chain I wanted to pair with the pendant. I made a selection, paid and waited. Received the pendant today. Once again, on point! You will not go wrong with this company. I've attached pictures of the items I've purchased. Popular Jewelry is my go-to now. Why deal with anyone else when I'm so satisfied with their excellent customer service and their products? I am a VERY happy customer.

At Frost NYC, we offer urban-culture inspired fine jewelry pieces to wear with your freshest gear. We have jewelry to match your style and taste, from iced-out bracelets to chunky Cuban link chains. Our team of expert designers can even work with you to create a custom one-of-a-kind piece.

All our gold chains and pieces are made from 14k or 18k solid gold, with retro rose gold and cool white gold options available. We also create some pieces in harder 10k gold for added durability. Many of our chains, bracelets, and pendants can be iced out with pavé diamonds to add a little extra bling to your look.

Our collection includes gold chains for men, with popular styles such as the classic Cuban link, modern Miami Cuban chains, Figaro chains, and Franco chains. Choose several pieces to layer or wear one bold piece and make a statement. We also have a crazy selection of pendants that will suit any style and chain. From the iconic Jesus piece to sports-inspired pieces like basketball hoops and sneakers.

At Frost NYC, we offer a lifetime warranty and lifetime upgrade on the pieces we design so you can be assured of the quality of every jewelry item in our store. Browse our collection online or visit our 5,000-sq.ft. Showroom in the Manhattan DiamondDistrict.

ABLE creates sustainable business opportunities for women in Nashville who have overcome adversity. The certified B Corp believes that generational poverty ends when people can provide for themselves and, by empowering women, entire families and communities are uplifted. All of the jewelry pieces are made in-house using responsibly sourced and recycled materials from small-scale vendors offering fair wages and working conditions. ABLE is our one-stop shop for affordable jewelry and accessories.

The woman-owned and -operated brand Catbird makes its jewelry entirely in-house at the Brooklyn Navy Yard. With more than 40 fairly paid jewelers and artisans on-site, the team crafts dainty, delicate, and stunning pieces of jewelry for everyday wear and beyond, as well as stocking other artisan jewelry like engagement and wedding rings. All pieces use recycled gold and conflict-free, responsibly sourced stones. Plus, the Catbird Giving Fund donates one percent of all sales (not just profits!) to organizations like the ACLU and the Food Bank of New York City.

For fine jewelry that will last forever, consider Noémie. This luxury brand works directly with makers in Los Angeles and Bangkok for the most gorgeous pieces that involve conflict-free diamonds, AAA gemstones, and recycled 18K gold. By shipping directly to you, Noémie cuts down on costs so many collections are substantially cheaper than other brand-named jewelry stores. While the pieces are still an investment, Noémie offers financing options, free lifetime warranties, and custom designs for the sustainable jewelry of your dreams.

You need a trusted place to sell gold jewelry in NYC and Global Gold & Silver has earned a reputation for excellent service and high cash for gold payouts in NYC. With an "A" Rating by the Better Business Burea.

Walk-in customers are welcome any time, however if you have a large collection it is recommended you schedule an appointment with our gold buyers. There is no obligation to sell your gold, evaluations are free and there is never any pressure to sell. So if you have ever wondered how much cash you can get when selling jewelry, stop in and find out. We are happy to help with your sell gold NYC needs!

A sampling of our beautiful handmade Body Vision Los Angeles jewelry. At Ahimsa, we work hand in hand with BVLA on all of our pieces. Quality solid gold jewelry made to last a lifetime, now available online! These pieces are a small portion of our extensive BVLA collection. More options are available in store or by custom order.

They are the best! Extremely professional team, super clean, huge selection of beautiful jewelry. They are just so wonderful all around! Went for my 8th piercing by Ahimsa team today(got previously pierced by both, Adam and Alex) and Alex did an outstanding job, as always!

Located just minutes from the heart of the city, Astoria Coins and Collectibles is known for their selection of rare U.S. and foreign coins and paper currency. Their selection includes mint and proof sets, silver dollars, and antique silver jewelry. They also carry collectibles, such as comic books and baseball cards, as well as an expansive selection of collecting supplies. Astoria Coins and Collectibles is known as a friendly, mid-sized shop that is fun to browse. Founded in 1975, this shop strives to be a center for coin collectors to meet and discuss market trends and coins of interest.

Manhattan Coin Shop is a high-volume coin dealer specializing in bullion coins. They carry a wide and ever-changing selection of the most popular gold and silver bullion coins like the American Eagle, Canadian Maple Leaf, and Austrian Philharmonic. If you are looking for a specific coin, they offer a coin search service. Their stock lists are also published online, along with buy and sell prices for the most popular coins. 041b061a72


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