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The gamma ray pit at the API Calibration Facility, located on the University of Houston campus, defines the API unit for natural gamma ray logs used throughout the petroleum logging industry. Future use of the facility is uncertain. An alternative method is proposed to preserve the gamma ray API unit definition as an industry standard by using Monte Carlo modeling to obtain accurate counting rate-to-API unit conversion factors for gross-counting and spectral gamma ray tool designs.

Halliburton Unit Converter

New Fluid/ Acid Pumping trailer with CAT 3412-E engines (12 cylinder ) 600HP , ,Allison DP-8962 automatic transmissions (with driveline brake and High spec torque converters)Halliburton HT-400 pump (cone drive) . Unit is new build with less then 60HR run hours on the pump.

Communities in southwest Wyoming got a double dose of bad news this month as oil and gas company Halliburton announced layoffs at its Rock Springs headquarters just as Wyoming utility Rocky Mountain Power finalized a plan to fast-track the retirement of four of its six coal-fired power units.

In Wyoming, the utility proposes to retire one coal power unit at the Jim Bridger power plant outside Rock Springs in 2023 and two Naughton coal units near Kemmerer in 2025. Another unit at Jim Bridger will go offline in 2028, and all four units at the Dave Johnston plant near Glenrock are set to close by 2027. Jim Bridger coal units 3 and 4 will continue to operate until 2037.

Rocky Mountain Power spokesman Spencer Hall declined to speculate how coal unit closures could affect job numbers in Wyoming, but said the utility hopes to avoid any layoffs, instead relying on attrition and reassignments elsewhere within PacifiCorp. He said the utility is recruiting workers in preparation for major expansions in transmission and wind energy. It plans to add 3,500 megawatts of new wind generation in Wyoming by 2025, and another 4,600 megawatts of wind in the state by 2038.

Gagnon believes communities and the state should consider new social markers, such as legalizing marijuana and expanding Medicaid, as part of their response to declines in fossil fuel industries. To retain young families and attract talented workers, communities must prioritize amenities such as parks and bike paths and encourage recreation at nearby public lands, he said. A concerted effort could be made to attract retirees who feel squeezed out from neighboring urban centers in Colorado and Utah, he said.

One of the Center's missions is to develop and education program that promotes multi-disciplinary, team-driven, and systems-oriented training to CPES students, as well as provide continuing education opportunities to our industrial partners.

MK offers an optional automated-lubrication module for its VersaMove pallet-transfer conveyor, but not its VersaFlex flat-top-chain unit. The reason, according to Peters, is because the flat top chains are made of durable polyoxymethylene thermoplastic, and do not need lubrication. Another benefit of the VersaFlex is it conveys small pallets (up to 6 inches wide, 22-pound payload) around corners (30 to 180 degrees), and up and down inclines to a positional accuracy of within 0.25 millimeter.

Manually operated conveyors feature a nonmotorized drive unit. In automated conveyors, the drive unit enables movement. A head or end drive is found on the discharge side of the conveyor, whereas a center drive may be located at the center or somewhere along its length. The latter is mounted underneath the equipment and used for reversing the conveyor direction.

Moving parts within the unit, like the sprocket and bearings, should be lightly greased as recommended by the manufacturer. Liquid grease is usually placed into a designated hole on the unit and then automatically dispersed to the components. 041b061a72


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