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Kim Taehyung Cover

On March 11, ELLE Korea revealed that Taehyung would be the cover model for their April issue by releasing three blind covers. They used the caption "V is coming," the same line used by Vogue Korea last year.

Kim Taehyung Cover

Vogue Korea named Taehyung the "icon of an era" when he graced their October 2022 issue, and his cover broke numerous records, including the highest sales for a magazine on a popular K-pop retailer, and the most magazine sales for a K-pop idol in China.

Fashion sources have revealed that Kim Taehyung, along with two other professional models, Imaan Hammam and Mika Schneider, are the only three people in the world to cover the most Vogue issues in 2022.

Recently, Vogue Korean released the cover pic of their magazine for the upcoming month featuring BTS V and ARMY can't stop going crazy about it. The photos are still trending on all social media platforms. Now, BTS V is making the headlines for his new pics from the Vogue photoshoot.

V aka Kim Taehyung opted for a red jacket in the next picture. The last monochrome picture featured the singer wearing a dark coloured jacket. Elle Korea also shared the pictures on their Instagram account. In all the pictures, V had bruises on his face. Reacting to it, a fan commented, "Thanks for your amazing shoots.. the covers are beyond imagination, perfection! and the unforgettable model Kim Taehyung."

These are the top five looks Kim Taehyung wore in the viral photos for the Korean Elle cover. Fans were unable to tear their eyes away from the pictures and wanted the idol to serve them with more looks as they flocked to the CELINE site to get all of his looks.

The wait is almost over for fans of BTS V! After weeks of anticipation, Vogue Korea has finally released the first look of a stunning Kim Taehyung on the cover of their October issue.

But we can't still take our eyes off of his cool-looking clothes. With this cover, we can see more of his body. His outfit from head to toe is all from the Miu Miu men's fall winter 2022-2023 collection.

For those of you who may not be aware, V recently jetted off to New York, for what ARMY had been assuming was a magazine shoot. While they were just rumours at that point, it has now been confirmed that he indeed did venture off for his solo cover shoot.

According to reports, Taehyung secretly visited Paris a few months ago, leading fans to speculate that the trip was related to his upcoming ELLE Magazine cover shoot. The anticipation surrounding this magazine cover is sure to create a lot of buzz and excitement among fans.

With the upcoming ELLE Magazine cover and the possibility of a solo debut on the horizon, fans of BTS and Taehyung have plenty to look forward to in the coming months. The K-pop superstar is sure to continue to captivate and enchant fans with his talent, charm, and undeniable star power.

Furthermore, Taehyung has also shown us that his visuals make him the best model. This artist has been on the cover of a lot of magazines in the past. His photo shoots are amazing and we can enjoy the idol more with each appearance he has in this type of publication, ARMY always ends up exhausting the magazines in which V appears.

Elle Korea magazine officially announced that V will be on the cover of their April issue. With a cute teaser made of bubbles, they announced the BTS idol as their next model. They also released other images in which the distinctive letter of this Bangtan member obviously stand out. 041b061a72


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