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Gully ((HOT))

Conservancy staff identifies and removes invasive weeds in the gully and along residential property lines. Removing these plants and replacing them with native species helps to sustain the ecological balance and reduces the risk of fire for local residents. Volunteers are needed to assist the Conservancy science team each month to remove and reduce the invasive and fire-prone weeds.


Our wonderfully maintained crushed granite trail is a great surface for walking, running, or biking and is wide enough for strollers. It is pet-friendly and people friendly offering plenty of cold water in drinking fountains along the way as well as shady spots to rest. The trail is good for all skill levels and offers a number of activity options. Pine gully is also located along the Great Texas Coastal Birding Trail and the trees within the park are worth inspecting for migrant land-birds. The wetlands have been restored and often attracts coastal birds.

Excessive clearing, inappropriate land use and compaction of the soil caused by grazing often means the soil is left exposed and unable to absorb excess water. Surface runoff then increases and concentrates in drainage lines, allowing gully erosion to develop in susceptible areas.

The objective is to divert and modify the flow of water moving into and through the gully so that scouring is reduced, sediment accumulates and revegetation can proceed. Stabilising the gully head is important to prevent damaging water flow and headward erosion.

Structures might also be required along gully floors since some grades can be quite steep and allow water to rush down under peak flows, ripping away soil and vegetation. These may take the form of rock barrages, wire netting or logs across gullies.

Thank you for your inquiry. The original Turkey Gully studied showed the limited right-of-way along the tributary and where there were restrictions in the flow that would limit the capacity of the tributary to carry needed stormwater. The plans will divert excess flow from the gully toward White Oak Bayou. This will also for reduced flooding impacts in the neighborhood. 041b061a72


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