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[S12E4] All About Meme

S12E4, The Glitch, is a fairly fun episode (if you can tolerate the constant chatter about some techno-big business-science-bicycling-conspiracy spoken by everyone, least pleasantly by the jerk with an American accent). There are lovely hillside scenes of wide expansive fields and such. Cully makes a brief but bright appearance as Tom tries unsuccessfully to fix a bike for Joyce and falls flat on his back in doing! Another fun bit is watching Tom speed along in a Ford Escort rally car. Joyce has a feeling that Cully will soon have a baby of her own, and if this is your first time watching the show, you may get excited at this hint of a new Barnaby story-line. We see new Detective Gail shed a few tears as she is first on the scene of one of the murders, and though nowadays we might object to seeing a female portrayed with this soft sensitivity (she also broke down in tears last episode), Barnaby doesn't react as if she is weak, and shows his gentle side once again. The murders and the motive were quite tame by usual Midsomer measures, and it's a cute little show in all.

[S12E4] All About Meme

At the UFC gym, Cerrone and Felder have serious complaints about the reformulation of Fight Milk, as it's no longer making them ill. They threaten to kill Mac and Charlie if they fail to make the weigh-in, but Mac and Charlie insist that it's a two-step process, and that drinking some "Fight Milk Classic" will have them "puking on their dicks in no time". The fighters do make their weigh-ins, and Mac and Charlie storm the stage, announcing in the microphone that Fight Milk is now the official drink of the UFC. Despite being rebutted and thrown off stage almost immediately, the entire arena participates in a "Fight Milk" chant.

There are two episodes out already. The first episode is an intro to the series where Niamh and Connor talk a little about their prior experiences with Gundam and IBO specifically. Niamh is on faer second rewatch of IBO, Connor is a newcomer, and both of us are deep in our own personal journeys through all of Gundam.

You can subscribe to the podcast by going to or by looking for us on your podcast app of choice. We hope you'll join us whether your a longtime fan of Ghost Divers of are just finding out about us and hoping on for this season.

On this introductory episode, we're talking about our prior experiences with the series, light novels, and some early impressions (turns out Connor got a very different idea of what this series was from a handful of comments Niamh made).

When Canadians go on strike, Kyle, Cartman, Stan, and Butters post a video on "YouToob" of Butters singing Samwell's song "What What (In the Butt)" to raise money so that new Terrance and Phillip cartoons will air. The clip is an instant hit but the boys are forced to wait in line at the "Colorado Department of Internet Money". The other YouTube celebrities begin to argue about who is the most famous and most of them end up killing each other. As a result, the boys end up being first in line and they receive 10 million "theoretical dollars", one for each viewing of the "YouToob" video.

It depends on whether or not you double count some songs that appear in multiple episodes, but at a minimum, there are well over 350 original and non-original songs used in South Park. We thought about the quality of the parodies (or original songs) and their context when we constructed the rankings.

Sarge does sometimes respect Grif's plans and opinions, such as when Grif plans to assist Caboose in tracking down Tucker so there would be more Blues to kill in One New Message. In n+1, Sarge doesn't fire when Grif is in the line of fire to the Meta, even though Sarge's shotgun was loaded, and the Meta would have taken most of the blast, showing Sarge does care about Grif slightly. Although, when he believes Grif died on the cliff, he refuses to look over the edge, hoping that Grif didn't catch a grip. He also has a habit of giving Simmons credit when Grif deserves it.

Despite all of this, Grif does seem to legitimately care about Sarge. This is shown when Grif desperately tries to revive Sarge after he is shot in the head by Caboose in How the Other Half Lives. In Recovering One, Grif pushes Sarge out of the way of a flaming Warthog when the Meta uses his Brute Shot to toss it at them. Also, in n+1, Grif seems to show worry when Simmons states his belief that Sarge is killing himself by approaching the Meta. Regardless of Grif saying he only acts lazy out of dislike towards Sarge, throughout the series Grif demonstrates concern for his commanding officer and even desire for Sarge's approval at some points.

When Tucker decides they'll do the rescue mission alone in Self Assessment, Grif is the first to agree, explaining to Simmons he doesn't want to put the recruits in danger for their own selfish reasons. Happy about how Grif has grown, Simmons cries tears of joy. When they later search Crash Site Bravo for the ship's manifest, Grif expresses he's proud of Simmons for no longer kissing up to Sarge. In conclusion, while the two dislike many traits of the other, they have one of the closest friendships out of all the Blood Gulch Crew.

Donut seems to like Grif, yet Grif does not seem to like him, seeing him as unintelligent and annoying. After Donut was crushed by Sister's pelican, Grif confusingly asks "What's with all these feelings for Donut?" After the Reds find out that Sister was the one trying to contact them, however, he is the first person to worry about what really happened to Donut. In Relocated: Part Four, before knowing it was Donut, Grif called Donut "Light-ish Red." When Donut returned in Season 11 and acted enthusiastic about being "A group of strapping young men out in the wilderness," Grif responds with "I'm starting to remember why I don't like you."

In From Stumbled Beginnings, it's shown that Hammer was Grif and Simmons' drill sergeant during their basic training at Danger Canyon. During this time, it's shown Hammer was quite annoyed of Grif's laziness and avoidance to do training while Grif is confused about him seeking approval from Lieutenant Lieu. He also disagrees with Hammer with his actions on their mission at Timberland, agreeing with Simmons on to only spy on the Blues and return to base instead of attacking the base to find survivors, believing Hammer is reckless.

Grif treats Epsilon about the same as he did with Church, and vice versa. In Change of Plans, Epsilon calls Grif lazy and blames him and the other Reds and Blues for the cause of all of his problems, which in return disgusts and infuriates Grif, becoming the first of the Reds and Blues to turn his back on Epsilon. However, he later joined the team to save Epsilon and Carolina, stating that if they gave up every time Church got mad, things would have ended long before. While briefly possessing him in Catch Up, No Mustard, Epsilon states his experience of possessing him is like "trying to breathe through a trash can."

In Season 12, Grif follows Tucker's training plan when preparing for the potential rescue mission, despite his apathy for exercising. Grif is also the first to agree with Tucker to commence the rescue mission by themselves, showing their relationship has improved overtime. The two seem to get along as good friends, a bit like Grif and Simmons, but with less arguing. Tucker also does give Grif help when needed, which is shown when he insinuated that Grif simply lie about burying the enemy bodies that CT had lead, and gave Grif full credit, showing that the two get along well.

Sister and Grif have a stereotypical brother-sister relationship. When she seems to be in danger, Grif will take action and do what he can to ensure her safety. For example, in the "Fight! Fight!" alternate ending of Episode 100, when Grif assumes Tucker to be threatening her, he kills him. When she appears to be dead in Episode 93, Grif grieves for her. However, when he discovered that she was, in fact, alive and just naked, he calls her a slut, heavily enraged upon seeing her "embarrassing the family," which he seems to care more about than Sister herself.

After Sarge learns from Lopez that the latter "killed" Sister, Grif doubts that she has died, listing examples where she has survived seemingly impossible situations. He also gets very annoyed when Tucker claims that he slept with Sister, implying Grif wants Sister to find a better suitor for her than Tucker or he just doesn't like the idea of Tucker banging his sister. In The End is Near, it's revealed that Sister is indeed alive and that she's overjoyed when she learns Grif is as well.It's made evident that although he's exasperated and agitated by Sister's behavior, he nonetheless cares about her deeply, just as she does for him. Sibling Arrivalries reveals that Grif took over raising her after their mother ran off to join the circus.

In Theogeny, Sister has a Labyrinth-induced vision about the Grif family house being burned down and Grif blaming her for it. However, the real Grif knocks down his Labyrinth vision and comforts Sister, admitting that he joined the military of his own free will rather than being drafted. He explains that he needed a more structured life than "a bearded mom and school" could offer, but apologizes for leaving her behind, and says they can talk about it more whenever, before killing his Labyrinth self with a pistol.

However, during True Colors, Carolina saves Grif from being fatally punched in the balls by three Tex-drones. Later in Season 12, she is far more cordial towards him, politely asking how he knew about the teleportation cubes, rather than bitterly such as in the past. However, when Grif accidentally shot at her in Catch Up, No Mustard, she stated she would break his fingers, scaring Grif. Despite this, Grif shows concern for Carolina in Armonia, Part 2 and later even serves as her mentor for laziness after they retired. 041b061a72


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