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NEW! Download Hunting Unlimited PC Game 2001

Hunting Unlimited is a video game published in 2001 on Windows by ValuSoft, Inc., ARUSH Entertainment, Ziggurat Interactive, Inc.. It's an action and sports game, set in an arcade, hunting and shooter themes.

Download Hunting Unlimited PC Game 2001

This realistic game will get you prepared for hunting season and keep your eyes and shooting sharp all year round. Enjoy exotic hunting trips with game you'll never experience tracking or customize hunting trips a little closer to home to plan real hunting expeditions. This game will challenge you and build your skills in any ways you choose!

Hunting Unlimited 2010 is a thrilling hunting game that will having you hunting down everything from deadly bears to harmless turkeys. There are a host of locations to hunt in, ranging from the South Central Plains to the Pacific Northwest. Several tutorial missions teach you the basic controls, as well as some hunting tips and techniques. The different modes let you just right into the action, hone your skills, create your own missions, or setup your own hunts. A bullet cam lets you watch your shots in slow motion as you take down animals. This game provides an excellent hunting experience.

Hunting Unlimited 2010 contains a variety of levels in which you can hunt. These levels are locations all over the world that differ significantly from one another. They are also fairly large and detailed. There are lakes, rivers, trees, grass, and more to add to the realism and make you feel like you're really there. The locations include Alaska, the Bavarian Forest, Africa, the Southern Rockies, and more. There are eleven locations in total to choose from. The locations add of lot of variety to the game and each one feels unique when hunting.

There are also several different modes to choose from when playing the game. The Challenges mode contains several tutorials that teach you everything from the basic controls to advanced hunting tactics. This mode also contains missions (more than 100 in total) that often put you right into the action. Some have you face off against dangerous animals like bears or wild hogs, while others have you hunting down docile deer or turkeys. There's a lot to do, and your performance on these missions determines your score. Better scores unlocks more missions to play that are even more challenging.

In addition to Challenges mode, there is a Free Hunt mode that lets you select a location, the type and number of animals in that location, and begin hunting without any time limit or goals. A Target Range mode lets you practice shooting and perfect your aim. You can even create your own missions in the User Missions mode. If all of that wasn't enough, there's a Tournament mode where you can play tournaments downloaded from the web. This game provides a ton of choice that lets you create the perfect hunting experience.

Overall, Hunting Unlimited 2010 is a great choice for anyone looking for a hunting game. If you have a previous version of Hunting Unlimited (such as Hunting Unlimited 2009), you might not find enough changes or additions to make this worth buying. For everyone else, this game has a lot to enjoy, and newer players will find that the tutorial extremely helpful in getting started. There are a ton of maps, animals, and weapons in this game that add a lot of variety to the play and make each hunt feel different and unique.

There a few issues you might run across that take away from the gameplay and realism, such as the dumb animal behavior and presentation quality. However, this is still one of the better hunting games available and certainly worth playing for anyone interested in hunting.

This first game in the Hunting Unlimited series wasted no time in learning, or, rather, adopting it s recipe. It is true that some titles, especially shooting games might have some remnant of verisimilitude to some aspect of the real world, but when it comes to simulation hunting; Hunting Unlimited is definitely the best at it. That is because the game doesn't sacrifice kill count to the expense of you getting bored. It risks you getting bored, but by doing that, tracking, luring and staying hid make the game a lot more intense and a lot more ready to surprise you and to enchant you. Yes, not all of us can take a rifle and go hunt in the wild, but with this one game that is the actual point. You will take a lot of time trailing around and trying to uncover the prey and the rifle that you use will make all the difference. Some will want to hunt iron sight only, others will be looking to hunt with the aid of a telescope and so on. The game is thus an intense one, but again, don't expect a shooting gallery type game. You might take real world tens of minutes if not more to spot some game, and if you miss your shot that can end your hunting for the time being. But, for dedicated hunting sim lovers it delivers a really well rounded experience.

Hunting Unlimited lives up to its name by offering a huge range of intermeshed elements designed to stimulate the hunting fever of gamers searching for the ultimate prize trophy. White-tailed deer, mule deer, elk, moose, and grizzly bears challenge your tracking skills in five territories (Colorado, Alaska, Arizona, Texas, and British Columbia) with changing weather conditions and rugged terrain.

An additional 25 missions (five-mission "master" campaigns for each species) are offered at the official Hunting Unlimited website ( An in-game help file provides detailed instructions and a target range featuring moving targets and breakable glass bottles is available to hone shooting skills with bows and rifles.

The Hunting Unlimited series is a shooting series at its core but the setting, the premise and the delivery put it in a class of its own. It is the correspondent of what driving games are in the Hard Truck; yes, it could be called a racing game, but it is definitely very special. Anyway, not to take this comparison too far, what you need to understand is that most of your playing sessions will consist of large chunks of time spent tracking the prey, trying not to be seen, heard, smelled or otherwise scare the game. This in the game will be mainly bucks, deer and some other wild animals, all the critters that live in wooden areas but also in some other type habitats. Thus, given that you won't be in for a shooting frenzy, make sure that this is your game of choice. In it, patience and a cool, controlled type of taking the challenge will be the most rewarding, while going in all guns blazing will do nothing. The game will offer you quite a few different species of game as well as a nice arsenal to choose from, mainly hunting weaponry, though, if you really feel like taking in a challenge, picking one of the few bows or crossbows will create an even more intense hunting session. Have a great, game filled game with Hunting Unlimited 2!

Track and hunt 18 of the most prized big game animals including Moose, Mountain Lion, Wild Boar, Mule Deer and more. Zero in with time at the Target Range before heading out into the wild. Free Hunt Mode drops you right in the action with game a plenty, or for exacting hunting adventures try Challenge Mode. All the tools a sporstman needs. Choose from over 30 weapons and accessories. Compound Bows, Shotguns and Rifles - Decoys, Blinds, Bait, and more.

Track and hunt 17 of the most prized big game animals including Moose, Mountain Lion, Wild Boar, Mule Deer and more. Zero in with time at the Target Range before heading out into the wild. Free Hunt Mode drops you right in the action with game a plenty, or for exacting hunting adventures try Challenge Mode.

Hunting Unlimited 4 combines traditional hunting game elements with a fast-paced mission-based system, for intense hunting action. Players hunt twelve different realistic species of animalsacross six completely new vast landscapes. Track the quarry of your choice as you explore rugged land across Northern America and on African Safari.

Deer Drive is an arcade-style deer hunting game. Take aim from your cover, and pick off the best trophies as they run headlong past you. Do you go for the Prize Whitetail Buck, or play it safe and take out the marauding grizzly before he takes you out? A fresh approach to the genre - the action hunting game!

First-person hunting game pitting the player against 5 species of animals in over 200 action-packed scenarios. The game boasts leading edge visuals with large viewing distance in open terrain and the ability to enter buildings and caves, all thanks to the Prism3D engine.

Underwater shark hunting game full of suspense. Explore 16 beautiful locations all around the globe on the quest to become the best of the shark hunters. Dive in various environments, enter underwater caves, search shipwrecks and marvel at the wealth of ambient life. Built on our in-house developed Prism3D engine.

A hunting sim for those who demand most realistic animal stats and scoring. Staring Jackie Bushman as the in-game guide, the game is a very interesting variation of Deer Hunter 3. And this means we see some royalties from it too ;-)

New maps, new "play the deer" hunting mode, new excitement. A great product of cooperation between Sunstorm Interactive and Sylum Entertainment. The game is taking advantage of the latest generation of our TERRENG software renderer. 041b061a72


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