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Apple Prores 422 Hq Codec EXCLUSIVE Download Mac

ProRes codec, for its overall smaller file sizes [than uncompressed video] while retaining a lot of the image quality and color, is widely used by cameras such as Blackmagic Pocket Cinema Camera 4K. Now the new iPhone 13 Pro and Pro Max are able to record ProRes videos at 4k 60fps or 1080P 30fps. As an Apple video codec, Windows users can't open ProRes videos without the ProRes codec. Here, you can download and install Prores codec for Windows 10/11 and play ProRes videos easily.

Apple Prores 422 Hq Codec Download Mac

Apple ProRes RAW for Windows 1.3 - To help videos in ProRes codec work on Windows PC, Apple has release the Apple ProRes RAW for Windows 10. After you download the ProRes codec on Windows, you can play ProRes RAW and ProRes RAW HQ video files in compatible applications on Windows 10 64-bit PCs. To be specific, apps on Windows that can open ProRes codec videos are:

Just to be clear, ProRes is a line of intermediate codecs designed for video recording and editing. ProRes codec is not intended for end-user viewing. However, we still want to check and play the camera/iPhone ProRes recording before editing. Apparently, even with after you download and install the Apple ProRes codec on Windows, you still can't play ProRes videos on Windows Media Player. How to play ProRes videos on PC?

To play ProRes videos on a variety of video players on Windows, you can decode ProRes codec and re-encode the video into H.265 or H.264. WinX HD Video Converter Deluxe is able to transcode ProRes MOV or MXF videos into H.265, H.264, MPEG4, WMV, AVI, and 370+ formats. GPU acceleration supported to re-encode 8K/5K/4K ProRes videos fast. No need to download ProRes codec for Windows 11/10/7 or earlier.

Apple ProRes 422 is grayed out. How do I get access to the codec?Apple ProApps codecs such as ProRes, AVC-Intra, and DVCPRO HD are available as a download on the Apple website. Please review this Creative COW thread for information regarding how to install the codecs on your computer system.


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