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Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix ( Multipl...

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix features a selection of 30 playable racers, consisting of characters from 12 different Nicktoons and real-life actress JoJo Siwa. Each character has different gameplay statistics such as top speed and handling, which can be further altered by customizing their kart with different unlockable vehicle parts. There are also 70 non-playable "pit crew" characters based on these shows, made up of 20 "chiefs" and 50 "crew", with players able to equip one chief and two crew before each race. Chief characters will give the player an additional ability they can activate at any time during the race, such as a sudden speed boost or temporary shield; each use requires players to first fill a slime meter by driving through slime or collecting slime tokens on the track. Crew characters grant abilities that are automatically activated under specific circumstances, such as giving the player a speed boost after they are struck by an item or obstacle, or collecting only a specific item from item containers; once used, these abilities have a cooldown period and cannot be activated again until a certain amount of time has passed.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix ( multipl...

The game includes 28 race tracks based on different locations from the represented shows, including four remastered from its predecessor, and two battle arenas based on Double Dare and the Kids' Choice Awards. Each track features slime sources to recharge chief abilities, speed boosters to gain an extra burst of speed, containers with items that can be used to hinder opponents, and shortcuts which often require more skilled play to access. Players can also trigger additional speed boosts during the race by continuously drifting around turns or performing tricks when launching off jumps. Players can choose between four speed classes for races, ranging from "slow" to "insane". The game features a single-player grand prix mode, which challenges players to complete sequences of four races with the highest overall rank; a time trial mode for players to complete a lap on each track in the shortest time possible; and a challenge mode consisting of 42 preset scenarios which the player must complete. Players can unlock new characters, pit crew and vehicle parts by winning every grand prix in each speed class and completing every challenge. Additional vehicle parts can be purchased from the in-game garage by spending slime tokens obtained through races; a total of 80 vehicle parts can be unlocked. The game also supports local multiplayer for up to four players, as well as online multiplayer for up to eight players, a feature that was not in its predecessor.[1]

Overall, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix is generic, yet serviceable. Nick fans like me will get a big kick from all of the characters and references that were stuffed into the package, while younger kids and those new to kart racers will enjoy the accessibility of play. It may lack the features or amount of content that I would have liked, but I can safely say that I still managed to get some enjoyable mileage out of this kart racer.

Developed by Bamtang Games, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix expands on the original fan-favorite Nickelodeon Kart Racers with more multiplayer modes, improved visuals and the biggest roster of playable Nickelodeon characters in a kart racing game yet. Choose from 30 speedy racers, including dance and music sensation JoJo Siwa, SpongeBob SquarePants, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Korra from The Legend of Korra, Invader Zim, Arnold from Hey Arnold!, the Rugrats, Lincoln of The Loud House and many more!

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix lets you create the ultimate team with the largest roster of Nickelodeon characters in a kart racing game yet. Choose from 30 playable racers, including dance and music sensation JoJo Siwa, SpongeBob SquarePants, the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Korra of The Legend of Korra, Invader Zim, Hey Arnold!, the Rugrats crew, Lincoln of The Loud House and many, many more. Assemble a pit crew from any of over 70 bonus Nickelodeon characters and deck your kart out with parts inspired by their beloved shows.

The first attempt at a Nickelodeon based kart racer since the early 2000s from Bamtang Games was an unbridled disaster. The poor selection of 12 playable characters across four Nicktoons was only the start of the problems of a bare-bones racer that lacked polish and personality. Two years later, Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix remedies many of the issues I had with the previous title, boasting a more significant and more vast selection of racers, tracks, modes, and more. The deeper gameplay mechanics add a unique spin on the kart racer formula; however, the lack of personality once again from the racers themselves is a seriously missed opportunity.

There are three pit crew selections needed after selecting your chosen driver, and these caught me by surprise. The inclusion adds boundless gameplay possibilities (not to mention an easy way to add more lovable cartoon characters into the game) of mixing and matching them based on how you decide to whip your kart around the tracks. The slime meter returns, but instead of being limited to a turbo function, you'll activate your chosen crew chief's ability. For example, Lynn (The Loud House) will slapshot you forward for a quick boost, Phil & Lil (Rugrats) fires a barrage of mud pies at other racers, and Filburt (Rocko's Modern Life) provides a brief protection period. Suppose you plan on spending any amount of time in first place (hopefully). In that case, Filbert's protection is a god-spend considering the sheer amount of offensive weapons targeting you one after another. Most of the item pickups have a Nickelodeon spin on Mario Kart classics, such as rockets (red shells) tracking the kart directly in front or behind you, and the king jellyfish (blue shell) perfectly targeting the racer in the lead. Unless you are saving a defensive item (which you won't for long because someone will likely steal it), there is no avoiding the slow spin out after being struck. There are twenty different crew chiefs to choose from in total, but most need to be unlocked by beating the Slime Grand Prix across all three game speeds or completing challenges.

A ton of new playable racers and a wide variety of tracks is meaningless if the actual racing hasn't improved. Thankfully, it is a much better game than its predecessor in just about every category. Races are intense and chaotic at the same time when playing on the "fast" game speed, precisely what you want from a kart racer with items. When you contact another kart, there is an awkward bounce that took some getting used to, and I probably could have done without it. Like other games of the genre, pickups are based on your current position, so don't expect to find the best offensive items when first, whereas the last place player will be luckier in that regard. Indeed, there have been times where things felt a little overwhelming, after getting hit with multiple items back-to-back-to-back, but it was mainly during the "slow" game speed, where you'll most likely stay in first place for the entirety of all three laps.

Nickelodeon Kart Racers 2: Grand Prix is the type of sequel that will make you smile, improving every aspect over its predecessor. The racing feels smoother, picking your kart components and crew is fun, and there is much more variety in terms of the intellectual properties used this time around. There are plenty of single-player additions, such as time trials and challenges to complete after beating the Slime Grand Prix cups, online multiplayer for up to eight players, and four-player local split-screen multiplayer. Sadly, the racers are again silent, which is such a missed opportunity to record new voice-overs or use samples from the shows. Considering the title's budget price point, it is hard to dwell on it too much but would have elevated the entire experience. 041b061a72


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