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The Annual Percentage Rate (APR) shown is for a personal loan of at least $10,000, with a 3-year term and includes a relationship discount of 0.25%., Your actual APR may be higher than the rate shown.



Repay a personal loan in terms of 12-84 months. Rates range from 7.49% to 23.74% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), which includes a relationship discount of 0.25%. No origination fee or prepayment penalty. Representative example of repayment terms for an unsecured personal loan: For $13,000 borrowed over 36 months at 12.99% Annual Percentage Rate (APR), the monthly payment is $438. This example is an estimate only and assumes all payments are made on time.

Important information. We only offer personal loans to existing Wells Fargo customers. For more information about becoming a customer, make an appointment to visit a location near you.

We calculate the average product rating based on ratings that customers submit. We exclude some reviews from being displayed for reasons such as the customer including profanity, reviewed the wrong product, submitted inappropriate or irrelevant content, or revealed personally identifying information. Reviews are not filtered, edited, or deleted simply because they are negative or are lower rated. If a review is excluded, the associated rating is not calculated in the average product rating.

Loan approval is subject to confirmation that your income, debt-to-income ratio, credit history and application information meet all requirements. Loans are unsecured. Loans are fully amortizing personal loans as long as you pay on time.

You must have a minimum individual or household income of $25,000 to be considered for a Discover personal loan. It cannot be used to pay for post-secondary education, to pay off a secured loan, or to directly pay off a Discover credit card.

Personal Loan: As of January 27, 2023 the fixed Annual Percentage Rate (APR) ranged from 8.74% APR to 21.24% APR, and varies based on credit score, loan amount and term. Minimum loan amount is $1,000 and loan terms range from 12 to 84 months. The lowest APR in the range is available on loans of $10,000 or more with a term of 12-36 months, a credit score of 800 or greater and includes discounts for automatic payments from a U.S. Bank or external personal checking or savings account. Automatic payments and U.S. Bank personal checking or savings account are not required for loan approval. Electronic funding to a non-U.S. Bank account requires verification and can take one to four business days. Not all loan programs are available in all states. The Consumer Pricing Information brochure lists fees, terms, and conditions that apply to U.S. Bank personal checking and savings accounts. This brochure can be obtained by visiting a U.S. Bank branch or calling 800-872-2657. Loan payment example: on a $10,000 loan for 36 months, monthly payments would be $316.79 and APR of 8.74% with automatic payments from a personal checking or savings account. Maximum loan amounts may vary by credit score and location. Loan approval is subject to credit approval and program guidelines. Interest rates and program terms are subject to change without notice.

Permissible loan purposes for extended term loans include home improvements and the purchase of land, airplanes, fully self-contained recreational vehicles, and boats. Terms may apply. Call or visit a branch for additional information.

In general, the following minimum loan amounts are required for extended term loans: $25,000 for loan terms of 61 to 84 months; $30,000 for loan terms of 85 to 180 months. Certain loan purposes may require higher minimum loan amounts. Call or visit a branch for additional information.

From consolidating credit card debt* to home improvement, get the funds you need with loans from $3,500 to $40,000 available to eligible Card Members. Apply online and get a decision in seconds. That's the power of an American Express Personal Loan.1

At Huntington, we offer both unsecured and secured personal loans. Unsecured personal loans allow you to obtain a loan primarily based on your credit report and secured personal loans are based partially on the value of your personal assets, so you can choose the type of loan that best fits your financial needs.

A secured loan is backed by collateral and usually provides a lower rate. Finance your personal expenses, qualify for a lower interest rate, maintain your savings goals, and build your credit with consolidated monthly payments.

Answer: A personal loan is a type of loan that allows you to borrow a certain amount of money from a lender, like Huntington, to fund a major personal expense, like medical bills, a home renovation, an emergency expense, and more. It can also be used to consolidate high-interest debt in an effort to lower the interest rate and reduce the time to pay off debt. Personal loans offer fixed interest rates and monthly payments that are repaid over a set term.

Answer: An unsecured personal loan doesn't require any type of collateral to secure the loan. Rather than relying on assets as collateral, we look at information from your credit report along with income to determine loan qualifications.A secured personal loan is backed by collateral - like your savings account, certificates of deposit, money market account, or another asset.

Answer: While it's good to start thinking about the documents you'll need to apply for a personal loan, we recommend calling our lending center at (800) 628-7076 or reaching out to your local branch to understand what you'll need for your specific application.To start, you'll likely need:

Hanneh Bareham specializes in everything related to personal and student loans and helping you finance your next endeavor. She aims to help others reach their collegiate and financial goals through making loans easier to understand.

Why LightStream is the best personal loan for generous repayment terms: Its loan terms can reach up to seven years, which means you can take longer to pay off your loan and benefit from lower monthly payments.

Personal loan interest rates, like most other costs, have gone up in the past year. Currently, you can expect to pay 6 percent to 36 percent, depending on your credit score. As of March 22, 2023, the average personal loan interest rate is 10.82 percent. The better your credit score, the more likely you are to qualify for a personal loan with the lowest interest rate available. Compare personal loan offers to see what you are eligible for before applying for a personal loan.

Good-credit loans offer competitive interest rates and generally low fees. You're considered to have good credit if you have a credit score between 690 and 719, and with such a high score, you may qualify for average APRs as low as 13.5 percent. However, if you have good credit and are interested in a personal loan, shop around; you may be able to qualify for an even lower interest rate.

If you have a fair or average credit score, it can be hard to find a personal loan that offers reasonable rates and fees. If your credit score falls between 630 and 689, your credit score is average. While this is considered a less-than-stellar score, you still may be able to qualify for a personal loan with an average APR as low as 17.8 percent. This list of the best personal loans for fair credit features lenders that cater to people with scores in the mid-600s.

There are many reasons to take out a personal loan, and with the exception of a few lenders, most allow you to use the funds for any purpose. Here are some of the most common scenarios that lead borrowers to take out a personal loan and how to find the best lender if you're in a similar situation.

Effectively managing a personal loan comes down to your ability to make the monthly payments. It's imperative that you understand the full responsibility and predicted repayment timeline prior to taking out the loan. If you miss the monthly payments or are unable to make them, contact the lender as soon as possible to see if any hardship payment relief options are available. If you need a lower monthly payment, consider a longer repayment term. While it will increase the amount you'll repay over the life of the loan in interest, a longer term can take the immediate payment responsibility off of your shoulders. Regardless of your financial situation, make sure you're aware of your lender options prior to applying so you have resources and don't risk any negative credit outcomes.

You will generally need several documents to apply for a personal loan, including documents that prove your identity and financial status. You'll generally need at least an ID, income verification and proof of address. These documents and the rest of your information will help the lender determine what origination fee you will pay if applicable.

While it may depend on the lender, a personal loan can generally be used for any legal expense. The most common uses for a personal loan are debt consolidation, home renovations and emergency expenses. However, some lenders do restrict certain uses, like using the funds to pay for education-related costs.

To select the top personal loan lenders, Bankrate considers 15 factors. These factors include credit requirements, APR ranges, fees, loan amounts and flexibility to account for a wide range of credit profiles and budgets. Of the 32 lenders reviewed, 12 made Bankrate's list of best personal loans. Each lender has a Bankrate rating, which consists of three categories. These categories include:

Your terms vary based on personal information like credit history, income, expenses, debts and available collateral. As an example, if you borrowed $6,000 with a 24.99% APR and 60 month term, your payments would be $176.07 per month. This example is based on an average customer with good credit.

1 Not all applicants will qualify for larger loan amounts or most favorable loan terms. Larger loan amounts require a first lien on a motor vehicle no more than ten years old, that meets our value requirements, titled in your name with valid insurance. Loan approval and actual loan terms depend on your state of residence and your ability to meet our credit standards (including a responsible credit history, sufficient income after monthly expenses, and availability of collateral). APRs are generally higher on loans not secured by a vehicle. Highly-qualified applicants may be offered higher loan amounts and/or lower APRs than those shown above. Active duty military, their spouse or dependents covered by the Military Lending Act may not pledge any vehicle as collateral. 041b061a72


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