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Karen Bespalov
Karen Bespalov

Tanned Hides.7z !FREE!

I already grabbed two of your characters for NPCs for Polymorphable (I like the studentb and um, dark skin with blue hair, you gave her a name), and I'm incorporating your tanned and dark skins in as well. I'm tempted to just roll a d8 (manually) for every NPC I create, for all eight color/gender combos, to get a random distribution.

Tanned Hides.7z

Can I convince you to do the tanned/dark sprites for more than just walking? There's no attack, cast, or swing frames, which limits their use in combat zones. Then I could just fold them into the rest.

For the tanned sprites I added a layer in Gimp, set the layer to either multiply or overlay, and then you just have to bucket fill it with a colour. The tricky part is picking the right colour so that it looks ok.

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