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Karen Bespalov
Karen Bespalov

The Comforter Has Come! (Sacred Songs Solos)

This is one of the songs I learned as a child. For a very long time I have not sang it. But, in the early hours of today while praying, the song kept ringing in my mind. Thank God when I search in the Internet I found it.. Indeed the Comforter has come.

The Comforter Has Come! (Sacred Songs Solos)

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Get lyrics of Yoruba worship the comforter has come song you love. List contains Yoruba worship the comforter has come song lyrics of older one songs and hot new releases. Get known every word of your favorite song or start your own karaoke party tonight :-).

These days, Gospel songs are performed as solos or by small or large ensembles, and by men and women of all ages. Both blacks and whites sing the repertoire and the instrumentation possibilities are limitless, ranging from synthesizers and drums to full symphony orchestras. Hear, for example, Marion Williams's 1992 recording of "Amazing Grace,"

These songs constitute a part of a collection of original melodies whose value lies in their presentation and preservation exactly as they are found and sung. . . . Their chief value lies in their simplicity and realism, recording a true emancipation of spirit. . . . The harmony used by them is the simplest, but made unforgettable by counter-melodies hummed while the leader creates his mood. The response comes as the positive, dignified and beautiful approval of the religious thought expressed. . . . When [the Negro] creates with his wonderful native impulse, the world is given . . . melody that ranks high in any standard of creative work.

Every music minister knows the weekly anxiety of searching for the right songs for the upcoming Sunday service. The criteria may differ from church to church, but hopefully, the goal is to find songs that tie in thematically with the sermon or the weekly scripture reading. However, I know of a pastor on the west coast who directed his music minister to follow a grid when planning the music service - a large W - meaning that the service starts with upbeat songs that slowly give way to medium ballads, then go up again, then back down, before sending the congregation off with a happy bang. Never mind the content. The music becomes a space filler and provides the congregation with a reason to stand up and clap, or to settle down and get ready to dish out an offering, or listen to a sermon. 041b061a72


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