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Fencers may submit pictures of designs on their mask for prior approval at USA Fencing tournaments to the RC Rules Committee. Any approved mask designs will be posted below. When submitting a mask design, please include these five views: full front, left side, right side, top, rear. Masks not listed below will be approved at the sole discretion of the head referee at the tournament.


A white vinyl privacy fence is a truly timeless style, seen all across suburban America. However, this unique fence idea takes a standard model and adds ornamental aluminum spears along the top rail. This touch brings an eye-catching regal twist to a traditional style.

Wish one of these fence design gallery styles was in your backyard? You can make that happen. At GreenWay Fence & Railing, we sell our products directly to homeowners who want to try their hand at DIY fence installation. Of course, we may also be able to recommend a skilled contractor in your area who can bring your project to life!

Designmaster is changing the way America fences, with steel-strong commercial and residential fence and gate solutions for virtually every need, from maximum security to ornamental projects. Our incomparable quality, product diversity, maintenance-free finishes and competitive pricing give you every reason to choose Designmaster, and our customer-centric attention to detail and 25-year limited warranty ensure your satisfaction and peace of mind.

We constantly test and improve components of Purrfect Fence - with 19 improvements over the past 20 years! Superior design and materials make our outdoor cat fences the most durable on the market. Leaving you with all the benefits.

Veterinary experts agree, and hundreds of testimonials agree, that indoor cats with access to the outdoors are happier and healthier. Resulting in fewer behavior issues. No more grumpy cats with a cat fence!

Pair outdoor access & exercise with safety and peace of mind! Our fencing systems are designed and developed to keep your cat safe. Eliminate the opportunity to escape and keep your cats away from predators!

I can't believe how well the Purrfect Fence works to keep my agile cats safely in my yard. After one of my cats was hit by a car in front of my house, I have been struggling with the decision to make my cats indoor or outdoor cats. With the new fence, they get both!

One of our male cats was introduced to the outdoors on a leash for several months before we installed the Purrfect fence so we knew he liked being outside. We didn't really know the interest level of the other 3 cats. Since opening the Purrfect fence space in our backyard a few months ago, all 4 cats spend time out there each day. My experience on the human side of the Purffect Fence is that the product is high quality and the customer service was excellent. I shopped other systems that were less expensive, but I doubt I would have gotten the personal support during the purchase and install process that I got from Matt at Purffect Fence.For those of you who want to enhance your pets' lives and enjoy an excellent customer experience, I recommend that you seriously consider (and ultimately buy!) the Purrfect Fence.

Not only is my pet safe from jumping onto the wall of our yard, but strays and coyotes won't jump down into it. It seems they recognize it as a barrier or trap for them. Live in the desert and we've seen coyotes run the length of our block wall fence. It definitely provides us with a secure and safe place for our boys.

I have four cats which are indoor/outdoor cats. At our old house, some of our neighbors complained about our cats roaming at large. I've searched for years for a solution for our cats to be able to go outside, without annoying our neighbors or threatening birds. Purrfect Fence solved my needs, and now I let my cats outside without stress or worry. Installation was not difficult--we have over 300 yards of fencing and were able to install our fence in a weekend. The videos that you can watch for instruction explain everything, and customer service was available and responsive if I had any questions. I described our yard and fence and sent some pictures before I ordered, and Purrfect Fence helped me order everything I needed. My cats love their back yard. They feel secure and so do I.

We've had outdoor cats forever, but when it came time for some new kittens to move in with us, I was dreading dealing with them going "visiting" or "travelling" for days & nights without knowing where they were or if they were ok, so we tried to make our own fence - They climbed it. We built a cat enclosure on one of our decks - 2 of them figured out how to get on the roof and venture off, and then we finally found the Purrfect fence. They LOVED IT!! They can run in and out of 3 doors, and up and down stairs to the decks and hide and ambush each other, chase bugs, dig for bugs and have endless fun.

We are the leading residential and commercial fence contractor in our service area. Along with our fence expertise, we also have multiple divisions to cover every part of your project:

American Fence Company is equipped with a vast inventory and a custom metals shop. We are capable of creating the perfect fence and gate for your project. Reach out today to learn more about our easy financing and get a free estimate.

Providing visibility and security all at once, chain link fencing is a common installation for residential, commercial, and sporting applications. Choose between classic galvanized fence panels, sleek black fencing, and vinyl coated chain link fencing.

Our prefabricated ornamental fencing line, American Ornamental, includes many options on design and height. Visually appealing, our prefabricated ornamental fencing is also resistant to rust and built to last.

American Fence Company purchases top-notch fence materials from reputable vendors around the globe, each year importing hundreds of truckloads and train carloads of vinyl, wood, and steel. Our tremendous buying power guarantees us the best pricing, resulting in savings that we pass on to our customers.

As the industry leader in architectural and mechanical screening, PalmSHIELD designs and engineers screening for rooftops, architectural venues, mechanical screens, and dumpster enclosures. Our fully engineered louvered panels have surged in popularity over the years and installed across the continental U.S.

Fargion recommends using natural building materials for your privacy fence. Wood is a common option and one of the most affordable choices. While there are plenty of wood types to choose from, he recommends cedarwood for privacy fences.

Take some time to think about if you want vertical or horizontal planks. If opting for vertical placement, slight variations in the lengths of the fence panels will add an extra touch and draw the eye up.

Get sound privacy protection while adding unique visual interest by arranging the privacy fence in a chevron pattern. Building gates for this type of fence is a doable DIY project that is sure to impress guests and neighbors alike.

Consider adding some accessories to your new fence to spice up your outdoor space even more. You could hang a mirror or lights from it and add shelves to hold drinks or candles. This type of fence design would work particularly well if the fence is close to outdoor furniture and the privacy wall is decorated similar to the way an indoor wall would be.

For another low-maintenance fencing option, consider wrought iron. The metal can add a timeless look to your yard, and, in some cases, it may even add value to the property. Consider pairing the fence with bushes and climbers to create greater privacy.

Though a common misconception, bamboo is actually a grass, not a tree. Instead of installing a fence made from the material, grow the plant instead. Bamboo grows fast and can act as a great privacy shield if you plant it along a hedge line. Just keep in mind that some bamboo varieties run, meaning they spread independently underground and can sometimes shoot up a cane 30 inches away from the original plant site. If not contained properly, bamboo can take over your garden, so plan properly and do your research.

These prototypes will serve two important ends: to deter illegal border crossings and to allow CBP to evaluate the new wall designs for improvements in denying or impeding illegal entry. As the border security environment continues to evolve, CBP continues to refresh its border barrier design toolkit.

While Congress considers funding for fiscal year 2018, other wall program activities are moving forward, such as planning and design, real estate, environmental activities, and upgrades along less fortified or outdated parts of the Southwest barrier. The fiscal year 2017 budget included $341 million for barrier replacement projects in the El Paso, San Diego, and El Centro Sectors. The funding also included 35 mechanical gates to close gaps in the existing infrastructure in Rio Grande Valley Sector.

In El Paso Sector, CBP will replace approximately 4 miles of primary pedestrian wall and approximately 20 miles of vehicle barrier. In addition, CBP will replace approximately 2 miles of primary pedestrian wall in El Centro Sector and approximately 14 miles of primary pedestrian wall in San Diego Sector using the steel bollard wall design.

During construction in 2008, design changes were included to prevent disruption to species migration patterns, including ocelots, pronghorn antelope, and other migrating animals, said Cooper. Native vegetation was also nurtured to prevent erosion, along with other efforts conducted in coordination with the U.S. Department of the Interior to mitigate unavoidable impacts of barrier construction.

In 1989, two entrepreneurs named Bob Slattery and Bob Wolfe, the founders of ReachUSA and ValPak of Cincinnati, saw a genuine opportunity to make something better, an entirely different kind of pet fencing product. These two men contacted the largest radar detection company in America. Together, they engineered a dog fence that incorporated a variety of dynamic new features. Their methodology was simple. They took a fresh approach to pet containment, the result was a state-of-the-art system and Perimeter Technologies. 041b061a72


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