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Hounds Of Love ##HOT##

The title comes from one of the songs, which is entitled 'Hounds Of Love', and this album for me is like two quite separate pieces of work: the a-side and the b-side. The a-side is very much five individual songs that are in some way all linked by love as a theme, and this seemed to be a title which really did sum up that side. We actually gave a title to the b-side of the album as well, but because you can't have two titles for an album, so we just went for the a-side title to cover it all. (Tony Myatt interview, November 1985)

Hounds of Love

It's almost like two separate albums for me, this really, in that the first side is five separate songs, if they're linked it's only be the theme of love - they're all forms of love songs, they're about relationships. They're all very different subject matters from each other. And the second side of the album is a conceptual piece which is seven songs all linked together. And it's very much something that was designed and written to work as one piece of music. (Rockline (France), September 1985)

I never was so pleased to finish anything if my life. There were times I never thought it would be finished. It was just such a lot of work, all of it was so much work, you know, the lyrics, trying to piece the thing together. But I did love it, I did enjoy it and everyone that worked on the album was wonderful. And it was really, in some ways, I think, the happiest I've been when I'd been writing and making an album. And I know there's a big theory that goes 'round that you must suffer for your art, you know, ``it's not real art unless you suffer.'' And I don't believe this, because I think in some ways this is the most complete work that I've done, in some ways it is the best and I was the happiest that I'd been compared to making other albums. ('Classic Albums interview: Hounds Of Love, with Richard Skinner. BBC Radio 1 (UK), 26 January 1992)

Song written by Kate Bush. Originally released on her fifth studio album Hounds Of Love. Also released as the third single from the album on 24 February 1986. The song is about being afraid to fall in love; in the song this feeling is compared to being chased by a pack of hounds. The intro features a quote from a line spoken in the film Night Of The Demon by Maurice Denham.

['Hounds Of Love'] is really about someone who is afraid of being caught by the hounds that are chasing him. I wonder if everyone is perhaps ruled by fear, and afraid of getting into relationships on some level or another. They can involve pain, confusion and responsibilities, and I think a lot of people are particularly scared of responsibility. Maybe the being involved isn't as horrific as your imagination can build it up to being - perhaps these baying hounds are really friendly. (Kate Bush Club newsletter, 1985)

The ideas for 'Hounds Of Love', the title track, are very much to do with love itself and people being afraid of it, the idea of wanting to run away from love, not to let love catch them, and trap them, in case th hounds might want to tear them to pieces and it's very much using the imagery of love as something coming to get you and you've got to run away from it or you won't survive. (Conversation Disc Series, ABCD012, 1985)

When I was writing the song I sorta started coming across this line about hounds and I thought 'Hounds Of Love' and the whole idea of being chasing by this love that actually gonna... when it get you it just going to rip you to pieces, (Raises voice) you know, and have your guts all over the floor! So this very sort of... being hunted by love, I liked the imagery, I thought it was really good. (Richard Skinner, 'Classic Albums interview: Hounds Of Love'. BBC Radio 1 (UK), 26 January 1992)

In the song 'Hounds Of Love', what do you mean by the line 'I'll be two steps on the water', other than a way of throwing off the scent of hounds, or whatever, by running through water. But why 'two' steps?Because two steps is a progression. One step could possibly mean you go forward and then you come back again. I think "two steps" suggests that you intend to go forward.But why not "three steps"?It could have been three steps - it could have been ten, but "two steps" sounds better, I thought, when I wrote the song. Okay. (Doug Alan interview, 20 November 1985)

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Brutal and brilliantly acted, "Hounds of Love" is not an easy watch; there are tedious moments just as there are tense ones. First time director Ben Young captures the banality of place very well, and above all makes us feel the power of a mother's love and longing. Further focus on the dynamics between the women in the film would've strengthened that theme even more, giving it a forceful and coherent overall purpose: at its core, it seems to be about the interrelationship between captivity, motherhood and domesticity but those ideas are muddled by seemingly irrelevant subplots and an overlong run time. A tighter edit and stronger direction, then, would make this movie better, but there's plenty of potential in the work none the less.

Despite being set out as two pieces, side one operating as Hounds of Love and side two as the conceptual piece The Ninth Wave, Bush equally develops themes of love, heartbreak, life, and death with equal measure, equal light and dark, and, most notably, equal beauty.

We opened Hounds of Love out of necessity. We both worked together at Fido's. When it closed we suddenly became jobless. We saw this as an opportunity to create a place for ourselves that we enjoy going to every day. We love what we do for a living and in this industry it can be difficult working for someone else, especially if they are not groomers themselves. We have control over our schedules and are able to talk to customers when they call and answer questions they may have. 041b061a72


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